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Instruction for use: Cerazette

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Active substance Desogestrel

ATX code G03AC09 Desogestrel

Pharmacological group

Estrogens, gestagens; Their homologues and antagonists

Composition and form of release

Tablets, coated with a coating.

Desogestrel 0.075 mg

Auxiliary substances: silicon anhydride colloid; Α-tocopherol; Lactose monohydrate; corn starch; Povidone; Stearic acid; Hypromellose; Macrogol 400; talc; Titanium dioxide

In the blister for 28 pcs .; In the box 1 or 3 blisters.

pharmachologic effect

Pharmacological action - contraceptive, progestagenic.

Dosing and Administration

Inside, at the same time, with a small amount of liquid.

Take should be 1 tab. 1 time per day, daily for 28 days, in the order stated on the package. The admission of each subsequent tablet from the package begins immediately after the end of the previous one, without any interruption.

How to start taking Cerazette

In the absence of a previous intake of hormonal contraceptives (for the last month)

Tablets should be taken on the first day of the menstrual cycle (the first day of menstrual bleeding). It is possible to start reception on the 2-5th day, but then during the initial cycle for the first 7 days of taking the drug it is recommended to use an additional (barrier) method of contraception.

Transition from combined oral contraceptive

You should start taking the drug Charosette the day after taking the last pill of a combined oral contraceptive containing hormones.

Transition from other drugs containing only progestogen ("mini-drank", injections, implants)

A woman who takes a mini-drink can switch to a Cerazette drug any day using an implant, on the day of its removal, using the drug in the form of injections, on the day that the next injection should be given. In all cases, it is recommended that barrier contraception be used additionally during the first 7 days of taking Cerazette.

After abortion in the first trimester

A woman can start taking the drug immediately.

After childbirth or abortion in the second trimester

It is recommended to start taking the drug on the 21st or 28th day after giving birth or abortion. At the beginning of taking the drug at a later date, it is recommended that barrier methods of contraception be used during the first 7 days of taking Cerazette. However, if a woman has had sexual intercourse after giving birth or having an abortion prior to taking the drug, you should first exclude pregnancy before taking the drug or wait until the first menstrual period.

How to proceed in case of missing the next dose of the drug

Contraceptive effectiveness may decrease if the interval between taking two tablets is more than 36 hours.

If the next pill is delayed for less than 12 hours, take the pill as soon as the woman has thought of it, and take the following tablets at the usual time.

If the next pill is delayed more than 12 hours, the above-mentioned rules for taking tablets should be adhered to. However, barrier methods of contraception should be used additionally within the next 7 days.

If the pill was taken in the first week of their use, and there was sexual intercourse in the week preceding the missed tablets, the question of the possibility of pregnancy should be discussed.

Recommendations in case of vomiting

If vomiting occurs within 3-4 hours after taking the drug, the absorption may be incomplete. In this case, you should use the recommendations for missing the next dose of the drug.

If a woman does not want to change her usual admission scheme, she needs to take an additional tablet (s) from another package.

storage conditions

In a dry, the dark place at a temperature of 2-30 ° C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

3 years.

Do not use after the expiration date stated on the package

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