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AndroGel (Testosterone) 1% 5gr 30 pieces

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Active substance - Testosterone

Androgen drug. Endogenous androgens (mainly testosterone) secreted by the testicles, and their main metabolite dihydrotestosterone are responsible for the development of the external and internal genitals and for the development and preservation of secondary sexual signs (stimulation of hair growth, vomiting), libido. They have a general effect on the anabolism of proteins, on the development of skeletal muscles and the distribution of subcutaneous fat, reduce excretion with urine of nitrogen, sodium, potassium, chlorides, phosphates and water. Testosterone does not cause the development of testicles: it reduces the pituitary secretion of gonadotropins.

The effects of testosterone on some target organs appear after peripheral conversion of testosterone to estradiol, which then binds to estrogen receptors in the nuclei of target organ cells (such as hypophysis, adipose tissue, brain, bones, etc.).


The recommended daily dose is 5 g of gel (i.e. 50 mg of testosterone). The drug is used 1 time / day at about the same time of day, preferably in the morning. The daily dose can be adjusted depending on clinical and laboratory parameters, but should not exceed 10 g of gel. Correction of the dosage regimen should be carried out in steps of 2.5 g of gel / day.

To adjust the dose of the drug, it is necessary to determine the concentration of testosterone in the serum in the morning, before using the drug, from the third day after the start of treatment (within one week). The dose can be reduced if the plasma testosterone content is increased or, on the contrary, increased if the testosterone concentration is low.

Rules for using the drug

The gel is applied to clean, dry, intact skin of the shoulders, forearms and / or abdomen. Do not apply the gel to the genital area, because the high content of ethyl alcohol in the preparation may cause local irritation.

After opening the sachet, you must immediately apply all of its contents to the skin and distribute in a thin layer. You don't have to rub it into your skin. You can let it dry for at least 3-5 minutes before dressing. After application, hands should be washed with soap and water.


Buy AndroGel (Testosterone) 1% 5gr 30 pieces

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