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Instruction for use: Varilrix

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Dosage form: Lyophilizate for suspension preparation for intravesical administration

Active substance: Vaccinum ad prophylaxim varicellae


J07BK01 Chicken pox virus weakened live

Pharmacological group:

Vaccines, serums, phages and toxoids

Compositionand release form

Lyophilizate for the preparation of a suspension for subcutaneous administration 1 vial.

Live attenuated virus Varicella zoster (strain Oka)

Auxiliary substances: neomycin sulfate; Human serum albumin; lactose; Sorbitol; Mannitol; Amino acids

Solvent: water for injection

In single-dose glass bottles, complete with 0.5 ml of solvent in an ampoule or glass syringe with 1 or 2 needles or without needles or separately supplied with 1 or 2 needles; In a pack of cardboard 1 set or 100 bottles.

Pharmachologic effect

Mode action - immunomodulating.

Dosing and Administration

Only SC, immediately after breeding.

Scheme for healthy or high-risk patients.

Children from 12 months to 13 years - 1 dose.

Children from 13 years and adults - 2 doses with an interval between injections of 6-10 weeks.

Patients in the high-risk group after vaccination are encouraged to periodically determine the level of antibodies against chickenpox in order to identify individuals who are recommended for revaccination.

The solvent contained in the syringe or in the ampoule should be transferred to a vial of lyophilized vaccine. Shake the mixture until completely dissolved, and then transfer the resulting solution back to the syringe. Due to the fact that slight fluctuations in pH are possible, the color of the reconstituted vaccine can vary from pink to red (the quality of the vaccine is not affected). Before the introduction, it should be ensured that there are no foreign particles in the solution or changes in physical characteristics (if available, the vaccine is not suitable for use). Carry out the treatment of the injection site with alcohol (or other substance used for disinfection), wait for its evaporation, because in contact with such compounds inactivation of the vaccine virus may occur, and introduce.


GlaxoSmithKline Bayolodikalz SA, Belgium.

Storage conditions of the drug Varilrix

At a temperature of 2-8 C (do not freeze). Solvent - at a temperature of 5-25 C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life of the drug Varilrix

2 years. Solvent is 5 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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