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Instruction for use: Trigan

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Active substance: Dicycloverine

ATX Code

A03AA07 Dicycloverine

Pharmacological group

M. Cholinolytics

antispasmodics myotropic

Structure and Composition

1 ampoule with 2 ml solution for injection contains ditsikloverina (dicyclomine) hydrochloride 20 mg; in box 5 pcs.

pharmachologic effect

Mode of action - analgesic, antispasmodic.


It has anticholinergic activity and directly relaxes the smooth muscles (ditsikloverin); relieves pain (paracetamol).


Dicyclomine hydrochloride when orally absorbed faster assignment ingestion and accumulates the necessary plasma concentration - 60-90 minutes. T1 / 2 -. 1.8 h excreted mainly by the kidneys (79.5%).

Paracetamol is rapidly and completely absorbed after ingestion. The Cmax -. 1 hour Analgesic effect occurs within 30 minutes, maximum - 2 hours.

Indications Trigan drug

Colic (intestinal, liver, kidney), dysmenorrhea.


Hypersensitivity, obstructive diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and urinary tract, severe ulcerative colic, reflux esophagitis, an unstable state of the cardiovascular system in acute hemorrhage, glaucoma, myasthenia gravis, a children's age (up to 6 months).

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

Nursing mothers should stop breast-feeding.

Side effects

Dizziness, sleepiness, decreased sweating, dry mouth, nausea, constipation, loss of taste, anorexia, visual disturbances, increased intraocular pressure, allergic reactions.


The effect of increasing amantadine, antipsychotic agents, benzodiazepines, MAO inhibitors, narcotic analgesics, nitrates and nitrites, sympathomimetics, tricyclic antidepressants, anticholinergics, corticosteroids reduce - antacids. Increases - effect of digoxin.

Dosing and Administration


Adults: 2 ml dose (when expressed pain - again, every 4-6 hours). the recommended dose - 80 mg / day.

Children 6 months - 2 years: 5-10 mg 3-4 times a day, but not more than 40 mg / day. Duration of treatment - no more than 1-2 days.

Precautionary measures

Be wary appointed to high ambient temperatures (due to decreased sweating and hyperthermia increases the likelihood of heat stroke).

Patients treated with anticholinergics, can cause psychosis, confusion, disorientation, short-term memory loss, hallucinations, dysarthria, ataxia, coma, euphoria, weakness, insomnia, agitation, inappropriate emotional reactions (symptoms diminish after 12-24 hours after dose reduction ).

Storage conditions

In the dark place at a temperature of 15-25 C (do not freeze).

Keep out of the reach of children.

shelf life

2 years.

Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

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