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Instruction for use: Serotonin adipinate

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Dosage form: Solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection; substance-powder

Active substance: Serotonin


C01EB Other medical preparations for heart disease

Pharmacological group:

Serotonergic agents

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

D69.9 Hemorrhagic condition, unspecified: Diathesis, hemorrhagic (familial); Hemorrhagic diathesis; Hemorrhagic complications; Hemorrhagic conditions; Hemorrhagic diathesis; Hemorrhagic syndrome; Disease of internal organs with hemorrhagic syndrome

I79.2 Peripheral angiopathy in diseases classified elsewhere: diabetic angiopathy; Angiopathy in diabetes; arteriosclerosis diabetic; Pain in lesions of peripheral nerves; Diabetic angiopathy; Diabetic microangiopathy; Diabetic vascular disease; Intermittent angioneurotic disbaziya; Macroangiopathy in diabetes; microangiopathy; Microangiopathy in diabetes mellitus; Tingling sensations in the hands and feet; Coldness in the extremities; Peripheral angiopathy; Peripheral arterial disease; Sclerosis Menkeberga; Chronic obliterating diseases of arteries

I99 Other and unspecified disorders of the circulatory system: angiopathy; Arterial angiopathy; Atherosclerotic angiopathy; Hemodynamic right heart defects; Hemodynamic defect of the right heart; coronary angiopathy; Infringement of blood circulation; Violation of circulation; Violation microcirculation in organs and tissues; Peripheral circulatory disorders; Disorders of the peripheral circulation in the extremities; circulatory failure; Hemodynamic instability occlusion of arteriovenous origin; Acute circulatory failure; Psevdostenokardicheskie state; Psevdostenokardicheskoe disorder; circulatory disorder; Cardiovascular diseases; Vascular insufficiency; Thrombosis arteriovenous shunt; Thrombosis with prosthetic heart valves; Deterioration of blood circulation in the pelvic organs; Functional failure of the cardiovascular system; Functional disorders of the cardiovascular system; Chronic arterial insufficiency; Chronic heart failure; Age-related vascular disease; The risk of thrombosis

K56.6 Other and unspecified intestinal obstruction: Intestinal obstruction; Mechanical violation of food passage; Intestinal obstruction; Sigmoid and cecum turn; Functional intestinal obstruction; Violation of intestinal patency; Syndrome of distal intestinal obstruction; Intestinal obstruction mechanical

R57 Shock, not elsewhere classified: Obstructive shock

Composition and release form

Solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection 1 ml

Serotonin adipate 10 mg

Auxiliary substances: unitiol 1,5 g.; Water for injection up to 1 l.

In ampoules of 1 ml; In a pack of cardboard 5 or 10 ampoules or in a planar cell pack 5 ampoules; In a pack of cardboard 1 or 2 packs.

Description of dosage form

Transparent colorless liquid with a weak smell of hydrogen sulfide.

Pharmachologic effect

Mode of action - Serotonergic.

Promotes the normalization of automatism and contractile activity of smooth muscles of internal organs (endogenous vasomotorics, peristalsis) due to elimination of serotonin deficiency. Has hemostatic effect: with IV and / or injection, there is a reduction and increase in resistance of small blood vessels, a shortening of the bleeding time and, in some cases, an increase in the number of platelets in the peripheral blood; Contributes to the increase of capillary strength. Cumulative effect does not.


Well absorbed and distributed to organs and tissues, remaining in the blood plasma for 8 hours. Cmax in the blood is reached after 0.5-1 h after the IM introduction.

Indications of the Serotonin adipinate

Critical (shock) state.

Vascular insufficiency (as part of complex therapy).


Functional intestinal obstruction (PKN).

Acute poisoning.

Diseases, in the genesis of which lies the dysfunction of the smooth muscles of the microcirculatory bed, including ischemic heart disease, ischemic and diabetic angiopathy.

Diseases accompanied by hemorrhagic syndrome.


Severe renal dysfunction, hypertensive crisis, acute thrombosis of arteries and veins, Quincke's edema, bronchial asthma, pregnancy.

Application in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Contraindicated in pregnancy.

Side effects

Possible (with rapid administration, as well as with the introduction of a drug diluted in a small volume of fluid) - pain along the veins, abdominal pain, discomfort in the heart, increased blood pressure, heaviness in the head, difficulty breathing, nausea, diarrhea, decreased diuresis .

These phenomena are short-lived and usually pass without complications. With the / m introduction, there may be pain at the injection site.


With the simultaneous use of serotonin adipate and the means for providing emergency care to patients in a critical (shock) state, no negative effects have been identified. Do not administer with calcium chloride preparations.

Dosing and Administration


The dose and rate of administration of the drug is determined individually: with vascular insufficiency - under the control of blood pressure before its stabilization, with PKN - before the appearance or intensification of intestinal peristalsis, recovery of motor-evacuation function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Patients who are in a critical (shock) state, in the complex therapy, intravenous administration is performed at a rate of 5-10 mg / h. When expressed hemorrhagic syndrome (bleeding, etc.) it is recommended to start treatment with iv injection, and with a decrease in bleeding - go to the / m introduction. The initial dose is 5 mg, in the absence of side effects, the dose is gradually increased to 10 mg, administered at a rate of 5-10 mg / h, under the control of blood pressure. Before use, 5-10 mg of the drug is diluted in 5-10 ml of isotonic sodium chloride solution, thoroughly mixed, shaking, and diluted in 200 ml of isotonic sodium chloride solution. With the / m introduction of 5-10 mg of the drug is diluted in 3-5 ml of 0.5% solution of novocaine. The drug is used 2 times a day.

The daily dose for adults is 15-20 mg.

The average course of treatment is about 10 days.


Symptoms: hyperemia of the skin, tachypnea.

Treatment: it is necessary to suspend the introduction of the drug for 5-10 minutes and continue again with a lower (2 times) rate.

Precautionary measures

In case of severe adverse reactions, antihistamines are recommended. If any side effects, not reflected in the instructions, are revealed, it is necessary to report them to the Serotonin Research Foundation - "Serotonin Foundation".

Special instructions

The drug solution must be protected from light.



Storage conditions of the drug Serotonin adipinate

In the dark place at a temperature of 15-25 C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life of the drug Serotonin adipinate

2 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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