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Instruction for use: Selank

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Trade name of the drug – Selank

International nonproprietary name: Selankum

Chemical rational name: threonyl-lysyl-arginyl-prolyl-prolyl-glycyl-proline-diacetate.

Dosage Form: nasal drops.

Description: Colorless transparent liquid.
Composition:Selank in terms of 100% substance - 1.5 mg (threonyl-lysyl-prolyl-arginyl-glycyl-prolyl-proline diacetate)
methyl parahydroxybenzoate (nipagina) - 1 mg
purified water - up to 1 ml.

Pharmacotherapeutic group:antianxiety drug (tranquilizer)

ATX Code N05BX

Pharmacological Properties


Selank® - a synthetic peptide analogue of the endogenous taftcina has neurospecific original mechanism of action on the central nervous system and binds to specific receptors on the membranes of nerve cells.

It has impact on the exchange of monoamines in the emotional structures of the brain (hypothalamus, diencephalon, the neocortex) and the activity of the brain enzyme tyrosine and tryptophan hydroxylase. It shows tropism to serotonergic system, normalizing the level of brain serotonin in the experimental conditions caused its decline. Selank stabilizes the processes of excitation and inhibition in the brain and increases the resistance of neurons in the cerebral cortex to the functional load of high intensity.

The pharmacological action of the drug spectrum dominated anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects by stimulating (activating) component. The drug does not possess hypnotic-sedative and muscle relaxant properties. Positive effect on the mnemic and cognitive functions of the brain, including in their violation. Activates the processes of learning, memory, analysis and reproduction of information, improves parameters of attention and short-term memory. Improves stability and motivational value of adaptive behavior. Selank has Wegetotropona effect, improves vegetative maintenance of activity in conditions of emotional stress has an impact on optimizing adaptive reserve of the body. Selank reveals no unwanted side and toxic effects at 200-300-fold increasing doses compared to ED50. He has embryotoxic, teratogenic, allergenic, local irritating action does not detect the mutagenic properties. In preparation No adverse long-term effects. Selank not cause drug dependence phenomena.


Selank absolute bioavailability when administered intranasally is 92.8%. The drug is rapidly absorbed from the nasal mucosa and after 30 seconds, detected in blood plasma. Plasma concentration decreases progressively during 5-5.5 minutes. Metabolites by intranasal route of administration is not detected. It penetrates into the brain tissue. The drug is rapidly distributed to organs and tissues, it is found in unchanged form in a well-vascularized organs (liver, kidney, heart). The daily urine is not determined by any of unchanged drug or metabolites, that is caused by the rapid degradation under the influence of tissue Selank peptidase.


It is used in adults with anxiety and anxiety-asthenic disorders, appropriate diagnostic criteria for generalized anxiety disorder, neurasthenia, adaptation disorders.


Pregnancy, lactation. Individual intolerance to the drug.
Dosing and Administration

Selank applied intranasally using a dropper bottle.

Dripping the drug Selank in the nasal passages of the patient is carried out in a sitting position with his head thrown back a little, and then for a short time, finger pinch each nostril. Suction efficiency may be reduced in the presence of increased excretions of the nasal mucous membrane. Administered at one time is not more than 2-3 drops into each nostril, that is 300 mg (4 drops - 0.2 ml) - 450 g (6 drops - 0.3 mL). To increase the dose of a single dose of the reintroduction of the drug produced in 15 minutes. The optimal single dose - 300-900 mg (4-12 drops) daily - 900-2700 mg (12-36 drops), distributed into 3 doses during the day. The duration of a course of the drug is 10-14 days. If necessary, treatment can be repeated after 1-3 weeks.

Side effects

If you are sensitive to the perception of smell and taste in contact with the drug from the nasal cavity to the mucosa of the pharynx may appear unpleasant taste. Perhaps the development of allergic reactions if you are hypersensitive.

When using Selank due to the rapid degradation of the drug overdose and intoxication phenomena are observed.

Interaction with other drugs

Selank has no influence on the effects of drugs oppressive and stimulating the central nervous system - haloperidol, pentobarbital, hexobarbital, analepticx.

Special instructions

The lack of preparation of sedative-hypnotic and myo-relaxant properties, and having a positive influence on cognitive functions allow you to apply Selank in people of different professions, including those requiring special attention and coordination (vehicle drivers, operators, etc.).

Release Form

Nasal drops Selank 0.15%, 3 ml vial 1 NA-PI-1-5, sealed with a plastic cap-pipette. Each vial with instructions for use are packed in a pack of packaging board. On the bottle label glued paper label.

Storage conditions

List B. In the dark place at a temperature no higher than + 10 ° C, avoid freezing. Keep out of the reach of children.
Shelf life
2 years. Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.
Conditions of supply at the pharmacy
On prescription.

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