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Instruction for use: Sanorin

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Pharmacotherapeutic group:

Decongestant agent - alpha-agonists [alpha agonists]

Decongestant agent - alpha-agonists [decongestant]

Active agent: Naphazoline

ATX code R01AA08 Naphazoline

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

H66.9 Otitis media, unspecified

Chronic otitis, Otitis, otitis media, middle ear infections, Otitis media in children

H68 inflammation and blockage of the ear [Eustachian] pipes

Eustachian, acute evstahiit, Qatar Eustachian tubes, Evstaheit

J00 Acute nasopharyngitis [runny nose]

Viral rhinitis, Inflammation of the nasopharynx, Inflammatory diseases of the nose, purulent rhinitis, Nasal congestion, Nasal congestion with colds and flu, The difficulty of nasal breathing, The difficulty of nasal breathing for colds, Difficulty in nasal breathing, Difficulty in nasal breathing in colds, nasal, hypersecretion, cold, ARI with rhinitis phenomena, coryza, Acute rhinitis of various origins, Acute rhinitis with thick purulent mucous exudate, Acute nasopharyngitis, Swelling of the mucosa of the nasopharynx, Rhinitis, rhinorrhea, Infectious-inflammatory diseases of ENT organs, heavy cold, rhinopharyngitis, nasopharyngitis

J01 Acute sinusitis

Inflammation of the sinuses, Inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses, Purulent inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, Infectious-inflammatory diseases of ENT organs, Infection of the sinuses, Combined sinusitis, Exacerbation of sinusitis, Acute inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, Acute bacterial sinusitis, Acute sinusitis in adults, Subacute sinusitis, acute Sinusitis, sinusitis

J04.0 Acute laryngitis

Lektorsky laryngitis, Acute catarrhal Laryngitis,Laryngitis is an acute abscess

J32 Chronic sinusitis

Allergic rhinosinusopathy, purulent sinusitis, Catarrh nasopharyngeal area, Catarrh of the sinuses, Exacerbation of sinusitis, chronic Sinusitis

J37.0 Chronic laryngitis

Chronic atrophic laryngitis

J999 * Diagnosis of Respiratory Diseases

bronchography, bronchoscopy, Diagnostic procedures in the nasal passages, Diagnostic Study of the bronchi, laryngoscopy, Preparing for rhinoscopy, Preparing the patient for bronchoscopy and / or bronhografii, Preparing the patient for bronchoscopy or bronhografii, Preparing the patient for diagnostic procedures in the nasal passages, Preparing the patient for diagnostic procedures in the area of the nasal passages, rhinoscopy, Visualization of the chest cavity, Chest X-ray, Mediastinoscopy

R04.0 Epistaxis

Bleeding nose, nosebleeds, nosebleed


Nasal Drops 10 ml

active substance:

nafazolina nitrate 0.005 g/ 0.01 g

Excipients: ethylene diamine; boric acid; methyl parahydroxybenzoate; water

Nasal Spray 10ml

active substance:

nafazolina nitrate, 0.01 g

Excipients: ethylene - q.s. (About 0.4 mg); Boric acid - 0.17 g; methyl parahydroxybenzoate - 0.01 g; water - 10 ml

Pharmacological Properties of SanorinPharmachologic effect
vasoconstrictor, decongestant

Dosage and Administration


Adults and children over 15 years: 1-3 drops or 1-3 doses of 0.1% solution Sanorin medication (drops or spray) in each nostril 3-4 times a day.

Children from 2 to 15 years old: 1-2 drops of 0.05% solution Sanorin drug in each nostril 2-3 times a day at intervals of not less than 4 hours.

Use short, no more than 1 week in adults and no more than 3 days in children. If nasal breathing easier, the application Sanorin preparation can be completed earlier. Re-application is possible in a few days.

If epistaxis can be placed in the nostril a cotton swab dipped 0.05% solution of the drug.

When rhinoscopy to prolong the surface anesthesia: 2-4 drops of 0.1% solution of 1 ml of anesthetic.

The drug Sanorin, drop, dropped into each nostril at a little thrown back his head. When instilled into the left nostril should tilt your head to the right, and with instillation into the right nasal passage - to the left.

The first use of the drug Sanorin, spray, recommended several times to press the dispensing device, until a compact cloud of spray. Before direct application should remove the protective cap vial to keep upright, the end portion of the metering device to enter a nostril and then quickly and sharply press applicator. Immediately after the injection is recommended for easy inhale nose. After treatment applicator must close the protective cap.

release Form

Nasal drops, 0.05% and 0.1%. 10 ml vial of brown glass equipped with a dropper cap SANO PE tape and security control for the first opening. On 1 vial. in a cardboard bundle.

Nasal Spray, 0.1%. In 10 ml frosted translucent plastic bottle fitted with a screw-mechanical metering applicator with a protective cap and a plastic protective semicircle for protection against accidental operation. On 1 vial. in a cardboard bundle.

Storage conditions of Sanorin

In the dark place at a temperature at a temperature 10-25 C

Keep out of the reach of children.
Shelf life of Sanorin

4 years.

Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

Available without prescription.

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