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Instruction for use: Pyrazidolum

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Dosage form: tablets

Active substance: Pirlindole*


N06AX Antidepressants other

Pharmacological group:


The nosological classification (ICD-10)

F10.3 Abstinence: Alcohol withdrawal syndrome; Abstinence syndrome; Abstinence syndrome with alcoholism; Abstinence; Alcohol abstinence; Alcohol withdrawal status; Alcohol abstinence syndrome; Postabstinctive disorder; Postabstinent condition; Hangover syndrome; Abstinence syndrome; Alcohol withdrawal syndrome; Abstinence condition

F32 Depressive episode: Adynamic subdepression; Astheno-adynamic subdepressive states; Asthenoadressive disorder; Astheno-depressive disorder; Asthenodepressive state; Astheno-depressive state; Major Depressive Disorder; Vyaloapatichesky depression with retardation; Double Depression; Depressive pseudodement; Depressive illness; Depressive mood disorder; Depressive disorder; Depressive mood disorder; Depressive state; Depressive disorders; Depressive syndrome; Depressive syndrome larviated; Depressive syndrome in psychoses; Depressed masks; Depression; Depression Depletion; Depression with the phenomena of inhibition within the framework of cyclothymia; Depression is smiling; Involutional depression; Involutionary melancholy; Involutional depression; Manic-depressive disorder; Masked Depression; Melancholic Attack; Neurotic depression; Neurotic depression; Shallow Depression; Organic depression; Organic depressive syndrome; Simple depression; Simple melancholic syndrome; Psychogenic depression; Reactive depression; Reactive depression with moderate psychopathological symptoms; Reactive depressive states; Reactive depression; Recurrent depression; Seasonal depressive syndrome; Severostatic depression; Senile Depression; Symptomatic Depression; Somatogenic depression; Cyclotymic depression; Exogenous depression; Endogenous depression; Endogenous Depressive Conditions; Endogenous Depression; Endogenous depressive syndrome

G30 Alzheimer's Disease: Alzheimer's Disease

Composition and release form

Tablets 1 table.

pyrlinol (as hydrochloride) 0.025 g; 0.05 g

auxiliary substances: milk sugar; potato starch; calcium stearate

in polymer cans of 50; in a pack of cardboard 1 can.

Pharmachologic effect

Pharmacological action - antidepressant, timoleptic.

Selectively inhibits MAO type A, blocks deamination of serotonin and norepinephrine, to a lesser extent - tyramine. Partially inhibits the reuptake of monoamines, potentiates the effects of the predecessor of norepinephrine-dioxyphenylalanine (L-dopa) and the precursor of serotonin-5-hydroxytryptophan. Stimulates adreno-and serotonergic structures. Activates the processes of synaptic transmission of nervous excitation in the central nervous system. Has nootropic effect, improves cognitive functions.


The antileptic effect is combined with a balanced effect on the central nervous system (an activating action in patients with apathetic, anergic depression or sedative effect in patients in an agitated state).

Indications for the Pyrazidolum

Depression, incl. senile, involutional, proceeding mainly with psychomotor retardation and asthenic disorders, anxiety-depressive or anxious-delirious components, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, Alzheimer's disease (as part of complex therapy).


Hypersensitivity, acute hepatitis, blood diseases, simultaneous administration of MAO inhibitors.

Side effects

Dry mouth, nausea, sweating, hand tremors, tachycardia, dizziness, allergic reactions.


Increases the effectiveness of epinephrine (in connection with antimonoaminoksidaznoy activity). Compatible with antipsychotic drugs, anxiolytics. Incompatible with antidepressants - MAO inhibitors, furazolidone, procarbazine, selegiline.

Dosing and Administration

Inside, at 0,05-0,075 g / day in 2 divided doses, gradually increasing the dose by 0,025-0,05 g to 0,15-0,30 g / day. The maximum daily dose is 0.4 g divided into 2-3 doses. After reaching the therapeutic effect, the treatment is continued for 2-4 weeks, after which the dose is gradually reduced.

Precautionary measures

After the cancellation of MAO inhibitors, therapy is started no earlier than 14 days later.


JSC Dalkhimpharm by order of ZAO Masterlek (Russia).

Storage conditions for Pyrazidolum

In a dry, the dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life of Pyrazidolum

3 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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