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Instruction for use: Amitriptyline-LANS

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Dosage form: tablets; Solution for injection

Active substance: Amitriptyline*


N06AA09 Amitriptyline

Pharmacological group:


Composition and release form

Tablets - 1 table.

amitriptyline (as hydrochloride) 0.025 g

auxiliary substances: milk sugar; corn starch; ICC; aerosil; gelatin food; calcium stearate

in polymer cans of 50; in a pack of cardboard 1 can.

Solution for injection 1% - 1 amp.

amitriptyline (as hydrochloride) 0.02 g

excipients: glucose; sodium chloride; hydrochloric acid to pH 4.5-5.5; benzethonium chloride; water for injections

in ampoules of 2 ml; in a pack of cardboard 10 ampoules complete with an ampoule knife.

Pharmachologic effect

Mode of action - antidepressive, anxiolytic, timoleptic, sedative.

Dosing and Administration

Inside, (during or after meals) - 50-75 mg (25 mg in 2-3 divided doses), gradually increasing the dose by 25-50 mg until the desired antidepressant effect is achieved. The optimal therapeutic dose is 150-200 mg / day (the maximum part of the dose is taken at night). In severe depression, resistant to therapy, the dose is increased to 300 mg or more - up to the maximum tolerated (maximum dose for outpatients is 150 mg / day). After obtaining a persistent antidepressant effect after 2-4 weeks, the doses gradually and slowly reduce (in case of signs of depression, the appointment of previous doses is necessary).

In elderly patients with mild disorders (in outpatient practice) - 25-100 mg, 2-3 times or once a day (at night).

Children older than 6 years with enuresis - 12.5-25 mg at bedtime (maximum dose - 2.5 mg / kg).

For the prevention of migraine, with chronic pain of a neurogenic nature (including long-term headaches) - 12.5-100 mg / day.

IM or IV (slowly) - 10-30 mg 4 times a day with a gradual increase in dose (after 1-2 weeks go to the drug inside). The maximum daily dose is 150 mg. Children over 12 years of age and elderly people should be administered lower doses with a slow increase.

If there is no improvement in the patient's condition within 3-4 weeks of treatment, treatment tactics should be reviewed.

Storage conditions of the drug Amitriptyline-LANS

In a dry place protected from light.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life of the drug Amitriptyline-LANS

2 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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