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Instruction for use: Abies sibiricus terpens (Abies sibiricus terpens)

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Pharmacological group

Other non-narcotic analgesics, including non-steroidal and other anti-inflammatory drugs

Nosological classification (ICD-10)

L08.9 Local infection of skin and subcutaneous tissue, unspecified

Soft tissue abscess, Bacterial or fungal infection of the skin, Bacterial skin infections, Bacterial infections of soft tissues, Bacterial skin infections, Bacterial skin lesions, Viral infection of the skin, Viral skin infections, Inflammation of cellulose, Inflammation of the skin at the injection site, Inflammatory skin diseases, Pustular skin diseases, Purulent-inflammatory disease of skin and soft tissues, Purulent-inflammatory skin diseases, Purulent-inflammatory diseases of the skin and its appendages, Purulent-inflammatory diseases of soft tissues, Purulent skin infections, Purulent infections of soft tissues, Skin Infections, Infections of the skin and skin structures, Infectious lesions of the skin, Infectious diseases of the skin, Skin Infection, Infection of the skin and its appendages, Infection of the skin and subcutaneous structures, Infection of the skin and mucous membranes, Infection of the skin, Dermal bacterial infections, Uncomplicated skin infections, Uncomplicated soft tissue infections, Surface erosion of the skin with secondary infection, Umbilical infection, Mixed skin infections, Specific infectious processes in the skin, Superinfection of the skin, Necrotizing subcutaneous infections

L98.4 Chronic skin ulcer, not elsewhere classified

Secondary-infected trophic ulcers, Long-lasting non-healing skin ulcer, Ulceration of the skin, Cutaneous ulcer, Wet sore ulcers, Chronic ulcers, Chronic skin ulcers, Chronic skin ulcer, Ulcers coughing, Septic ulcer

M79.8 Other specified soft tissue lesions

T14.1 Open wound of unspecified body region

Secondary healing processes, Sluggishly granulating wounds, Sluggishly healing wounds, Sluggish wounds, Deep Wounds, Purulent wound, Granulating wounds, Prolonged non-healing wound, Long-lasting non-healing wound and ulcer, Long-lasting non-healing soft tissue wound, Healing of wounds, Wound healing, Capillary bleeding from superficial wounds, Bleeding wound, Radiation Wounds, Slowly epithelializing wounds, Minor cuts, Suppurated wounds, Violation of wound healing processes, Breach of skin integrity, Violations of the integrity of the skin, Violations of the integrity of the skin, Small cuts, Uninfected wounds, Uncomplicated wounds, Operating wound, Primary treatment of surface contaminated wounds, Primary wound treatment,Primary-delayed treatment of wounds, Poorly cicatrizing wound, Poor wound healing, Bad wound, Superficial injury, Superficial wound with mild exudation,Wound, The wound is large, Bite wound, Wound process, Wounds, Wound healing wounds, Stump Wounds,Wounds for gunshot, Wounds with deep cavities,Difficult healing wounds, Difficult wounds, Chronic Wounds

T30 Thermal and chemical burns, unspecified

Pain syndrome with burns, Pain in burns, Pain with burns, Sluggishly healing post-burn wounds, Deep burns with a wet scab, Deep burns with abundant compartments, Deep burn, Laser burn, Burn, Burning of the rectum and perineum, Burn with mild exudation, Burn disease, Burn injury, Superficial burn, Superficial burn of I and II degree, Superficial skin burns, After-burn trophic ulcer and wound, Post-burn complication, Loss of fluid during burns, Sepsis burn, Thermal burns, Thermal skin lesions, Thermal burn, Trophic after-burn ulcers, Chemical burn, Surgical burn

T33-T35 Frostbite


It has wound healing, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. When applied topically, it does not irritate.


In surgery: purulent-inflammatory diseases of the skin and soft tissues (wounds, burns, frostbites, ulcers, pressure ulcers, abscess, phlegmon, including maxillofacial area). In dentistry: stomatitis, periodontal disease, complications in dental prosthetics. In otorhinolaryngology: purulent-inflammatory diseases of the ear, throat, nose and paranasal sinuses. In dermatology: bullous-necrotic forms of erysipelas, pyoderma.




Locally. Preliminary surgical treatment of the wound surface and then applied 1-2 times a day with a uniform thin layer. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease (usually 5-10 days) and ends when fresh granulations, epithelial islets or complete epithelialization appear. In inflammatory processes in the maxillofacial region (after opening and surgical processing of abscesses and phlegmon), tampons impregnated with the abisil solution are injected into the pockets and postoperative wounds. The procedure is repeated daily for 5-7 days. With external otitis instill in the auditory meatus 2-3 drops 3-4 times a day or inject tampons. In the treatment of rhinitis, one to two drops 3-4 times a day are instilled in each nasal passage. When sinusitis is introduced into the sinuses after their preliminary sanation.

Side effect

Burning, allergic reactions.

Special instructions

Do not combine with other external medicines. Do not allow the product to get into the conjunctiva of the eye, if it does, rinse the eyes with water.

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