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What is the emotional trauma?

12 Dec 2016

How people react to stressful situations

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Trauma, or as they say psychologists, trauma, is a condition that occurs due to severe extreme stress events. Such an event necessarily implies a threat to life or physical integrity of both the individual and other people, such as his relatives. In ordinary consciousness by trauma often understand the household negative events: resentment, conflict, abuse, or mental breakdowns. Often, clients and therapists even the experts in this field correctly define it.

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Trauma carries a certain risk of mental disorders. It is known that 20% of people who have been subjected to extreme events often begin to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. This notional figure is usually characteristic of the people who passed the war. Depending on to which people have undergone traumatic event, this percentage could vary. In trauma research it is now the most important and pressing question - why some people, having experienced some severe stress, can recover quickly, while others develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

There are two types of traumatic stressors, that is, the factors that cause stress. The first type - is the extreme single events. As an example, car accidents, robbery, assault, sexual assault, which is non-recurring in nature. The impact of such stressors result in a clinical variant to the classic PTSD, with its main symptoms. These include the invasion of traumatic experiences, dreams, intrusive thoughts, avoidance of traumatic experience in which a person tries to eliminate everything that is mindful of the injury, and the result is fenced off from life as a whole. It is also a physiological excitement: reactivity, increased response to the impact of the environment. Such excitation is characterized by nervousness and insomnia.

The second type of traumatic situations - is repetitive traumatic impacts. As an example, acts of war, living on the territory of military action, repeated cases of sexual violence in the family. It is a chronic trauma, it is transferred to a person much heavier, because apart from the traumatic effects of a person is experiencing more and repetition, he lives in constant tension. It suffers from the personality, system of its outlook for the world becomes a hostile person. Such repeated traumatic exposure affects the self-esteem, self-esteem, a person perceives himself as weak and unable to somehow interact with the outside world, and it ultimately leads to the development of personality disorders.

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