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Behavioral types of human in Stress Situation

12 Dec 2016

Psychologist Dr. Doping tells about the stress response, the people of A-type and temperament with cardiac diseases due. In what situations are manifested psychological types of the human? Is it possible to change the type of human behavior? And what types of behaviors identified American cardiologists Friedman and Rosenman?

The concepts of psychological and behavioral type of person is very close; in turn, they are close to the concept of "temperament." This is some characteristics of a person or animal personality, which do not change over time.

There are active and passive style of reactions to stress. I do not like this definition because the word "active" and "passive" are in Russian, a clear evaluative. It is preferable to call these behavioral types A and B, that did in his time, American cardiologists Friedman and Rosenman. The first work appeared long ago - in 1958, but that it is no less interesting. Behavioral type A is an ambitious, aggressive. The argument for it is important not to establish the truth and not insist on his point of view, but to win. To do this, it can completely change their views. Behavioral Type B is the complete opposite. These are people who are not prone to conflicts. To cope with stress- buy Phenibut, Afobazol, Phenazepam and Selank.

We can do an experiment on animals. Take one of the young rats and enclose them to another with opposite behavioral type. When the young grow up, they reproduce the behavioral type of their parents.

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