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What is a drug and how does a person become a drug addict?

21 Feb 2019

Drugs are substances that have the ability to change the work of brain cells and thereby cause a false sense of pleasure and elevated mood. At the same time, any drug is primarily a poison. And the poison is very insidious. It damages almost all organs and cells.

What is a drug and how does a person become a drug addict

But when the drug is taken in small doses, as do drug addicts, its toxic effect is not so noticeable. The damage accumulates gradually, and the person notices the deterioration of health only after several receptions. But he can no longer stop taking drugs because he is dependent on him. If the drug addict inadvertently takes too much of a dose, he dies of poisoning, just like poisoning with any other poison. Many have probably heard or read that drug addicts often die from an overdose. Despite all this, people continue to take drugs.

Note: in its effect on the body, drugs and alcohol are similar in many respects, so everything that will be said about drugs is true for alcohol.

What is the cunning of drugs? First of all, they damage the human psyche. You should know that after the first use of the drug, you will change - it will not be you, but another person, a person with a changed mentality. Already after the first use of the drug in the human brain, the so-called center of attraction to drugs is formed - this is a group of cells in the brain, figuratively speaking, "crazy."

Including, the narcotic center rebuilds the work of the entire brain, suppresses self-control, causes cravings for drugs, forces a person to take it again and again. If you still doubt before taking the drug, remember the danger, say to yourself "I'll just try it once", then after even a single reception your thoughts and desires will change. Due to the fact that the drug has the ability to suppress internal self-control, the sense of danger disappears.

The person begins to think: "So I tried and nothing terrible happened, just wasted nothing." And after a while he decides that nothing terrible will happen if he tries again, and then again and again. This is how the drug acts insidiously and insidiously. A normal, mentally healthy person completely loses control over himself. In fact, it turns into a "zombie", a robot controlled by the center of attraction to drugs, and the person does not notice anything at all, it seems to him that everything is in order and he can stop at any moment. In fact, it's too late.

The man has already turned into a drug addict himself and can not stop. If there is no drug in his blood, then mental depression begins - life seems gray, joyless, something is always missing, a person feels anguish, anxiety and even fear - he becomes like a mental patient, (it's not uncommon that in a state of depression drug addicts commit suicide).

The brain works in one direction - how to get a drug to get rid of this unpleasant condition and once again experience the sense of narcotic intoxication. All that he was interested in before - friends, hobbies, studies - is meaningless. In life there is only one goal, one desire is a drug.

Indeed, after taking the drug, the mood and state of health improve for a short time. All this is called psychic addiction.

According to medical experts, in 30-50 percent of adolescents mental dependence develops after the first intake of the drug. That is, almost half of teenagers turn into drug addicts after the first "acquaintance" with the drug (the rest of the drug addiction occurs after several receptions). This leads to the most important conclusion. The only sure way to not become a drug addict is not to try the drug at all - not once, not half a time.

For the first time you can be offered a free trial. You can believe that this is not done for good motives. Drug dealers who earn very big money, are sure that the costs will be repaid a hundredfold. They also know that almost half of people turn into drug addicts after the first "dating" with a drug. Next time you ask for a drug for money. Thus, they consciously turn people into drug addicts, and thus into their regular customers.

There is another common variant of "familiarizing" with drugs. Often teenagers take what they say for the company, not to be a "black sheep" or to increase their "credibility" among friends. Someone develops drug addiction immediately after taking the drug, while someone responds to taking the drug and activates the defensive reaction of the body and develops a picture of poisoning (the body, as it were, does not take the drug). Instead of the promised pleasure begins a headache, indigestion, vomiting. Despite this, in order not to fall in the eyes of comrades, the teenager is most often pretended to be blissful and the next time he does not refuse the drug. After several such samples, the protective reaction disappears and the drug dependence is still produced. And the credibility earned with the help of drugs is not enough for a long time. Think for yourself what kind of authority a drug addict can have, which looks like a living corpse: "... he was so rude that he had open wounds everywhere. He was simply rotting alive: his feet were black with necrosis - he hardly walked. It smelled so bad that it smelled like two meters. When they told him to go to the hospital, he just smirked - like a skull bared the remains of black teeth. He really was waiting for one - death ... "

If a person continues to take the drug, then over time, he develops and physical dependence. Let's try to explain what it is. The drug has a strong negative effect on all cells of the body. Trying to adapt to his constant presence, the body is forced to change the normal metabolism and include a drug in it. That is, the drug becomes a "regular" participant in the metabolism and its cancellation leads to disruption of the cells and the whole organism.

If the addict has already developed a physical dependence, then after stopping the use of drugs, a phenomenon that is called "breaking" begins, in medicine this phenomenon is called withdrawal syndrome or withdrawal syndrome.

Depending on what kind of drug was used and for how long, the picture of "breaking" may be slightly different, but any "breaking" is accompanied by a sharp deterioration in physical condition.

Usually "cold turkey" is the strongest chills, aches and pains in the loin, joints, muscles, bones, muscle tremors and cramps, weakness with cold sweats, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains, runny nose. Plus anxiety, fear, hallucinations, insomnia. This agonizing condition, which junkies themselves compare with hell, lasts 5-7 days. Sometimes it happens that during the breakdown the addict dies from cardiac arrest or breathing.

If during the "breaking" take a drug, then it stops, well-being normalizes. Usually, drug addicts do this. The addict is forced to continue taking the drug in order to prevent the painful "withdrawal" - this is physical dependence.

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