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Smoking Mixtures. Is it dangerous?

13 Aug 2018

Widespread recently, this kind of leisure, like smoking legal mixtures of herbs, which have a light psychotropic and hallucinogenic effect. Smoking mixtures (or as they are also called mixes) consist of extracts of plants and herbs. This species of plants is known to mankind for a long time, and is an entheogen, that is, they contain substances that have psychotropic effect. The composition of popular aromatic mixes includes such plants as red fly agaric, sage, dope, etc.

Smoking Mixtures

The smoking mixtures are divided into two groups. In the first group, mixes are composed, which consist of natural plants, the components of which are mixed together and create the so-called "effect of consumption". The second group includes smoking mixtures, the components of which are processed by chemical substances - synthetic cannabinoids, produced in laboratory conditions.

Examination of smoking mixtures found that the substances that make up such mixes have a hallucinogenic and psychotropic effect and contain toxic components that pose a potential danger to human life and health.

It is difficult to imagine, but the use of smoking mixtures can cause a different spectrum of negative mental effects: inability to concentrate, impaired perception, uncontrolled laughter, complete loss of contact with the outside world, lack of ability to navigate in space.

Local reactions resulting from the direct irritant effect of smoke on mucous membranes and irreversibly damaging effects on the nervous system are not the greatest evil. Systematic smoking mixes leads to irreversible destructive processes in the central nervous system: attention is reduced, memory is worsened, thinking activity slows down, and a tendency to depressions appears. The impact of smoking mixtures over time can permanently change a person's personality, lead to severe disability, turn him into a drug addict. Thus, an innocent hobby can become a serious problem. The main difficulty in treating the consequences of poisoning with smoking mixtures is that the patients do not have any drugs in their blood, and therefore it is very difficult to diagnose poisoning and to prescribe adequate treatment.

The problem of mass distribution and use of smoking mixtures that have a narcotic and psychotropic effect takes on alarming proportions. The purchase is quite affordable, any teenager can make an order through the Internet and in half an hour get the desired mixture - be it Salvia or Spice, Bombay, Goa Spirit, Ganesh, Brain Storm. Pricing policy is also attractive for young people, because this category of population is the most unprotected. The lack of information about the dangers of smoking mixtures also plays into the hands of dealers. There are new all kinds of smoking mixtures, under different names, which, in addition to prohibited substances, contain extremely hazardous substances for human health.

Recently, cases of people turning to medical institutions with poisonings namely smoking mixtures have become more frequent. Only a qualified specialist can determine the degree of poisoning and prescribe the necessary treatment. Think about whether the minute pleasure is a complex process of treatment and rehabilitation.

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