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Phenibut Helps Fight Insomnia

30 May 2016

Advantages of Phenibut: really helps, insomnia disappeared, I became calmer

Hello. I want to tell you about sedation "Phenibut".

Not so long ago I had a little trouble - I fell, hit his head and, as a result, brain concussion (Dermatologic I was allowed home, but on condition that I will comply with bed rest and peace. One of the preparations made payable to me is just proved "Phenibut". I want to say that this drug effect was evident immediately: if earlier (even to shake) I have had problems with sleep - sometimes could not sleep until morning, happened and nerves naughty, now began to fall asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow is quite gone irritability - went quiet, like a boa constrictor. Before that no one sedative drug did not give such a result.

However, as soon as I have stopped on drinking a course, this positive effect is immediately ended! On the first day, I stopped drinking "Phenibut", insomnia returned. The next day, I generally like to kill everyone! At the doctor's, I was told that if such an effect, it is possible to spend on drink a course of a month. But I did not, because been reading on the internet that many "Phenibut" is addictive (just not yet enough!). In general, it tormented perhaps for a week, and then it came back "full circle" - I sleep like normal, rarely happens that a long time can not sleep, the desire to "kill" disappear too).

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