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Gotratix 20 capsules

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Gotratiks - the development of muscle endurance and improve physical performance.

It comprises peptides muscle.

The complex of peptide fractions obtained from the triceps young animals. The isolated peptides have a selective effect on myocytes, normalizes metabolism in them, enhance their functional activity.

In a clinical study of the effectiveness of established " Gotratix " drug to increase reserve capacity of muscle tissue and reduce muscle fatigue at elevated physical exercise, including sports and professional activities associated with increased physical activity.


  • athletes and people engaged in physical labor, to increase the reserve capacity of muscle tissue and reduce muscle fatigue

The peptide bioregulator Gotratix increases reserve possibilities of the body and muscle endurance, helps to recover faster after strenuous exercise, normalizes metabolism in the muscles and accelerates cell regeneration. Officially approved for use in the sport.

Have effects bioregulator Gotratix 20.

The role of muscles

Muscles need a man to move his body and perform various actions. Home ability of muscles - an abbreviation under the influence of nerve impulses. In the absence of muscle man would not move. So, people with weakened muscles or explicit dystrophy have some hidden disease.

Muscles and physical labor

Is it possible to imagine that all the physical labor in one day disappear? Is that in the distant future, and yet the hard work takes place in our society. How much joy in life that every day working hard, and rejuvenate for the next day does not have time? Very little. The peptide bioregulator Gotratix 20 contributes to the development of muscle endurance and improve physical performance, it increases the ability to restore their strength in a short period of time.

Principles of peptide biregulyatora Gotratix

The peptide bioregulator Gotratix includes in its composition peptides produced from triceps young animals. Peptides play an important role in cell activity and normalize their metabolic processes. The peptides - short chains of amino acids is, therefore, getting into a weakened or diseased body, they repair damaged chains, returning the body or the whole body to normal operation. The peptide bioregulator Gotratix - a real godsend for athletes, especially weightlifters and bodybuilders, as well as for people employed in heavy physical labor. Gotratix can significantly increase the endurance and to forget about fatigue, promotes the development of muscles and, most importantly, develops resistance to high loads and the ability to recover as soon as possible. Just bioregulator Gotratix will be a good assistant for those who seek to build and develop muscle mass for people with weak muscles.

The results of applying the peptide bioregulator Gotratix:

  • normalization of metabolic processes in the muscles;
  • development and strengthening of muscle mass;
  • increasing the resistance of the organism to increased physical activity and a speedy recovery from them.

The peptide bioregulator Gotratix help develop reserve possibilities of muscle tissue. Many athletes already use natural peptide bioregulators to enhance athletic achievements and the development of muscle and physical performance. Officially approved for use in the sport.

Suggested Use:

Adults take 1-2 capsules 1-2 times a day with meals. Duration - 1 month.


  • Comes in original packaging. Item is brand new and unopened.


  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep locked and away from children.
  • Store in dry place at room temperature.
  • Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 C

Important notice - the outer box design may vary before prior notice!


Gotratix 20 capsules intensive development of muscle and increase their endurance

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