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Omnadren 250

19 Dec 2016

Omnadren 250 (Omnadren-250, "omka") is an anabolic steroid from Polish the pharmaceutical company Jelfa S.A.

Since August 16, 2014 Omnadren got under a prohibition as the new list of drugs of subject and quantitative accounting began to work, and not accounting turnover is forbidden. Its acquisition in a drugstore requires the prescription form of the N 148-1/u-88 form. In connection with decrease in availability the price of Omnadren raised more than by 7 times. It is connected with the fact that implementation of medicine became much more difficult, deficit of a product therefore the prices grew in proportion to risks and decrease in availability sharply increased. You can also like Kartalaks.

Omnadren 250 contains 4 actions of air of testosterone, various on duration:

Main substances:

  • testosterone propionate 30 mg;
  • testosterone fenilpropionat 60 mg;
  • testosterone isocapronat 60 mg;
  • testosterone decanoat 100 mg;

Result: general contents of testosterone of 176 mg from 250 mg of testosterone + a radio tail.


  • Peanut butter - for dissolution of testosterone crystals in it + a radio tail.
  • Benzyl alcohol - disinfects an oily solution.
  • Nitrogen - for creation of the inert environment, replacement of oxygen from an ampoule.

Age restriction: 3+ (because of availability in composition of benzyl alcohol).

The price in European drugstores on Sustanon 250 and Omnadren 250 - is identical, in Russia until the end of 2015 the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, for the budget account, redeemed 80% of cost of medicine.

It was issued until the end of 2015 in cardboard packagings on 5 ampoules. Since the end of 2015 is issued in cardboard packaging with one ampoule.

Omnadren 250 is absolutely identical to medicine Sustanon 250 (it is made according to the license by the pharmaceutical company Jelfa S.A. - Poland).


Omnadren is testosterone connected to four various airs which time of resorption explains the fact that medicine has property to be late in an organism for the long period after introduction. Similar properties the medicine Sustanon-250 to which often compares Omnadren also has.

Scope of Omnadren is mainly the bodybuilding and powerlifting where medicine provides to athletes a necessary surplus of muscle bulk and force. Omnadren for the accumulation account in an organism of water provides fast and high-quality surplus of body weight that, however, is peculiar also to other testosterone. The athletes long ago accepting Omnadren are already familiar with pamping during the trainings. Due to strong anabolic and androgenic effect of medicine, not only accumulating of the water in an organism relieving joint pain and force surplus, but also the increased appetite, higher regeneration of fabrics and well-known to athletes "effect of the pump" is reached.

It is contraindicated in case of liver failure, a renal failure, gipercaltsiuria, diseases of blood and cardiovascular system. Quite often hypostases, acne rash, an inflammation in places of injections, a prostate hypertrophy, ginekomastia develop. Emergence of symptoms of hepatitis, development of jaundice, and decrease in coagulability of blood is in rare instances possible. It is necessary to control a condition of function of a liver. Before appointment consultation of the doctor is required.

Scheme of use and dose:

In spite of the fact that Omnadren 250 for a long time is late in an organism, athletes prefer to stick it weekly. The dosage of medicine can be various, Omnadren one of the few injection steroids which dosage can constitute both 250 mg of medicine a week, and 1000 mg a day. Though as practice shows, 500 mg of Omnadren a week, intramuscularly will be an optimum dosage of medicine. For achievement more noticeable and fast results athletes sometimes combine acceptance of this medicine with the Sound board Duraboliny, Metandrostenolony or Anapolony. The quite good result is yielded by Omnadren and Metandrostenolon's combination which not only is effective and provides fast surplus of muscles and force in case of a minimum of energy costs, but also besides has the low price that makes it available for most of athletes. One of the few shortcomings of Omnadren is, perhaps, the fact that after the medicine acceptance termination, the amount of muscle bulk and the reached surplus of force decline.

Because of the expressed aromatization (transformation into estrogen) use of inhibitors of aromataza throughout all rate is necessary (for prevention of hypostases and ginekomastia).

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