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Limontar - healthy baby

22 Jan 2017

You are waiting for the baby and, of course, want it to come to life being healthy and strong, and want the birth to go easily, without complications. What do you need for that? Of course, to take care of yourself and the unborn child in advance: to keep proper diet, spend more time outdoors, not to be nervous. Nature has provided everything to ensure the happiness of mother – a healthy woman is able to bring into the world a healthy child! But how many of these healthy women there are nowadays?

Unfortunately, most of the young women need help. The human body is not able to withstand the stresses or ecological problems. Not only in cities but also in countryside you cannot escape the toxic substances or radiation. They “hide” within the walls of our homes, in water, in food. The gene pool is being sapped. Each next generation is weaker than the previous one, and that is not a secret. Things which were natural for our grandmothers, for example the childbirth, becomes a problem for the younger generations.

To break this vicious circle, it’s necessary to provide a skilled medical support through all periods of child development, starting from the pregnancy. But there is a serious hitch, which was a problem for doctors until recently.

The most difficult stage is actually a pregnancy. The unborn baby is too sensitive to the external influence; any pharmaceutical can do more harm than help. Maybe we should not intervene? You can try Noopept.

Unfortunately, if the mother's body is unable to provide adequate nutrition and breathing for a baby, hypoxia (the oxygen deficit of the fetus) may develop, and it has a serious consequences. Among them is premature birth, a real threat to the life of the newborn. In this case the child is not just weakened, but requires a special attention and care. It is possible that this child in the future will be behind other children of his age in mental and physical development.

That won’t happen, if the expectant mother (strictly on the recommendation of her doctor) uses Limontar – just 10 days in each trimester. It delicately regulates and stimulates the energy supply of tissues at the cellular level. Extensive clinical trials showed that Limontar is able to cope with hypoxia of newborn without any side effects. The baby has all the chances to be born healthy, full-weight, well-developed, and to bring only a joy to parents.

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