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Kickback phenomenon

19 Jan 2017

Kickback phenomenon is the term used in bodybuilding for the description of process of loss of muscle bulk after the termination of reception of anabolic steroids or other anabolic means it lasts about 1 month after a course. The phenomenon of kickback is especially expressed at the use of steroids in high doses, and also at unreasonably made courses.

How to prevent a kickback phenomenon?

  • You take only competently made courses
  • Reduce intensity of trainings after a course by 50% within 1 month
  • Accept anticatabolic means - cortisol blockers
  • Accept not less than 250 g of protein a day
  • Use gonadotrophin

How to win against "kickback"

Source: Iron world 2013 No. 11

At different users of AAS the kickback happens not to the identical speed and intensity, however the phenomenon it waits for everyone without exception. What main reasons for kickback and whether it is possible to resist to them? For the answer to this question at first it is necessary to be defined at the expense of what we receive good results at application of steroids of One of main objectives of the persons visiting gyms the hypertrophy of muscles is. For already many years it is known that combinations of physical activities in total with good nutrition lead to increase in muscle bulk. A little smaller amount of time is known that addition in this combination of anabolic steroids allows to achieve results quicker and to make them more expressed. From everything the level listed by a basis for a hypertrophy of muscles moreover which we have loading is - it is a factor primary, and food and hormones are factors secondary. Without loading the muscles, not to achieve results, it is as if good we ate and were pricked. The modern science is capable to answer many questions concerning a hypertrophy of muscles as a result of physical activities and along with it to dispel the myths occurring still in different sources. Let's consider a number of current postulates which to us will help to understand the kickback reasons.

Increase in volume of muscle fiber more develops at the expense of hypertrophy.

This type of a hypertrophy represents process of increase in quantity miofibrill (elements of muscle cell), entering muscle fibers. The more in muscle fiber similar to threads miofibrill, the it becomes more volume and stronger. Imagine an elastic band from pants which consists of a fabric strip with the thin rubber threads interwoven into it. Each such thread separately has no the necessary elasticity and if to tie to it a heavy load and to pull, then it will just break, and here the same freight tied to the whole elastic band will dangle on it as the devil on a string. Same situation with miofibrill. Each separate miofibrill is capable to be reduced, but develops at the same time only tiny effort, however when the number of these miofibrill the huge, and common effort developed by muscle fiber considerable. The correct mode of training loads leads to increase in quantity miofibrill in muscle fiber, at the same time fiber becomes more and stronger. Hypertrophy which is understood as growth of muscle cells due to preferential increase in amount, i.e. part of fibers also is mentioned in various sources. There are also recommendations about the training mode stimulating this type of a hypertrophy: the high-volume training with small scales, small rest between approaches, the incomplete amplitude and the continuous mode promoting difficulty of outflow of blood from muscles i.e. actually is about pamping. However, as it appeared, the sarkoplazma share of muscle fiber is so small (9-10%) that there is no sense it purposefully to develop. Nevertheless, any body builder can assure that the pamping yields good result in growth of muscle bulk. And this is true, the main effect of pamping consists not in increase in amount of aarkoplazma, and in a hypertrophy of oxidizing muscle fibers which mainly is slow, and it to 50% of all fibers entering amount of one muscle. 90% of growth of muscular amounts are reached by a combination of the training modes directed to miofibrill hypertrophy of all types of muscle fibers.

Anabolic steroids stimulate miofibrill hypertrophy.

The hypertrophy of muscle fiber depends on quantity again formed in miofibrill. The correct training load causes the following factors stimulating education new miofibrill:

  • The increased concentration of anabolic hormones in blood and a muscle.
  • The increased concentration of free creatine in muscle fiber.
  • The increased concentration of ions of hydrogen in muscle fiber.

Those who don't use anabolic steroids are considerably limited in the size of the first factor and hope only for the power of the endocrine system. However by the exogenous use of anabolic hormones it is possible to increase their concentration in tens or even hundreds of times. Therefore any beginning course of reception of steroids notes two effects inseparably linked with each other: increase in volume of muscles and growth of working scales, and isn't a rarity a result increase in a press lying on 20 kg in the first month of a course. Growth of weight is followed by growth of force that demonstrates increase in number miofibrill in muscle fibers. When growth of working scales, as a rule, stops also growth of weight stops. If to speak in conditional figures, then the monthly cycle of trainings on "the resources" will add on 20 miofibrill to each fiber, and with assistance of exogenous hormones on 100. The increased concentration of ions of hydrogen and free creatine in muscle fiber is created only during loading, and this factor only pushes cages to education in them miofibrill, and the concentration of anabolic hormones here increased is necessary on an extent not only trainings, but also all rest of the time. Miofibrilla is under construction within 15 days, and all this time synthesis of protein has to be raised. Delay of this process limits growth of muscle bulk in general. Therefore it is so difficult for "hetero" to achieve growth, his hormonal system not always works steadily and depends on many external conditions, and "chemist" creates constantly increased hormonal level forcibly, and in this plan it is simpler to it to provide full and fast maturing miofibrill.

Termination of use of steroids

From all aforesaid it is easy to draw a conclusion that with the termination of introduction to an organism of anabolic steroids also all his positive impact on a hypertrophy stops. The training doesn't stimulate education miofibrill in a large number, and construction of new doesn't take place in conditions of sharply raised protein synthesis. And what happens to high number miofibrill, already created on a course? It is easy to guess that it begins to decrease, and together with it, respectively, also muscular volumes and force decrease. It is of natural process of aging miofibrill the result. The mechanism of aging of organellas of a muscle cell is connected with functioning of so-called lysosomes which constantly destroy some organellas including miofibrill in a cage. Lysosomes (from Greek lýsis disintegration, decomposition and soma a body) the structures in cages of animal and vegetable organisms containing enzymes capable to split (lizirovat) proteins, nucleinic acids, polysaccharides, lipids. One of functions of lysosomes is destruction of structures unnecessary a cage, for example during replacement of old organelles new, or digestion of the proteins and other substances produced in the cage. Synthesis new miofibrill for lack of the acceptable level of anabolic hormones very low, as a result of lysosome is gradually destroyed by old miofibrill which in a large number have collected in muscle cells on a course, and new don't come to their place any more. The volume of a muscle cell decreases, and to that size which is capable to support the current level of testosterone. That is if he is lower than natural norm, then it is possible even to lose what was to a course. Lysosomes work not so quickly, the first weeks can be not noticed kickback at all, but through some time (often it occurs three weeks later) the kickback becomes obvious and accompanies with falling of scales each training. Please pay attention to Hepatamin.

Kickback termination (or his essential delay) in sports practice is reached by the use of the testosterone or other anabolic steroids in doses at the level of therapeutic. It is about so-called "bridge" between courses. Sharp decrease in quantity of the used androgens, and is, as a rule, 200-250 mg of testosterone a week, reduces load of an organism, but doesn't remove it completely. The liver and kidneys will continue to work in the emergency mode as they should deactivate and bring androgens out of an organism, but this loading will be less than if 1000 mg a week were accepted. Anyway, "bridge" has to consist only of injection steroids as the negative impact of oral forms is significantly higher. Against the background of "bridge" it is recommended to unload systems of an organism to the maximum. It touches also a gastrointestinal tract including. Caloric content of a diet it is possible and it is necessary to lower at least on a quarter, to reduce by the same size protein number in a diet, to exclude food hard to digest. Despite noticeable decrease in dosages of AAS, the results achieved on a course remain almost completely. In it there is nothing surprising, most of consumers of AAS use the doses which aren't corresponding to the level of loadings and food. Time of duration of "bridge" is selected independently and can reach several months. The subjective feeling has to serve as a reference point that the organism has had a rest and "strains to be in action". The better rest received an organism during "bridge", the less long can be a break between courses. However if you have decided to be limited to monthly or even half-month term, then such period can be worried safely without any "bridges". For this purpose it is necessary to try to slow down kickback what it will be question below of.

Delay of kickback is reached by a complex of actions of pharmacological and physiological nature. It is possible to refer the use of the anti-estrogen stimulating synthesis and secretion of testosterone, and also other biologically active agents contributing to normalization of activities of a reproductive system to the first. Such anti-estrogen as lomide and tamoxifen, it is possible to carry zinc, magnesium, a bee uterine milk, antioxidants to other substances (selenium + N astetiltsistein), vitamin D, plant extracts (tribulus and aashvaganda), adaptogens, D-asparaginovuyu acid proved the efficiency. Earlier there was an opinion that one of the serious reasons of a catabolism of muscular tissue after cancellation of acceptance of steroids is the increased cortisol level. Actually many people tried to reduce kickback by means of cortisol inhibitors, for example a tsitadren. But in spite of the fact that that almost completely suppresses secretion of cortisol in adrenal glands, the kickback continued to happen to the same speed. Against the background of it attempts to reduce quantity of cortisol by means of dietary supplements look ridiculous. So the basic reason of kickback is exactly decrease in level of testosterone, but not the high level of cortisol, the last plays in it a part, but not key. After a rate we shall aim to raise as soon as possible testosterone level (in this case own) that "the steroid hole" wasn't such deep. Of course, it won't be compared by efficiency to "bridge", but it is better, than helps not to do anything though there are those who exactly and arrives anything to itself. Use of creatine during rest from AAS seems very perspective. Creatine is an intermediary between all metabolic processes which happen in a cage, including plastic. As the dugout boat it runs on a cage and transports energy for molecules ATP in the form of the recovered kreatinfosfat from one part of a cage in another. It is important not only during the training, but also during rest. Increasing concentration of creatinfosfat, we stimulate plastic processes in a cage. To one of proofs of it serve a research of the Canadian scientists during which use of creatine helped to keep the muscle bulk, force and endurance in bicepses and tricepses of young men which upper extremities were specially immobilized by means of plaster. Along with creatine (5-10 grams a day) it is possible to use VSAA (20 grams a day) and NMV (3-5 grams a day).

First of all change of the training mode belongs to actions of physiological nature. The training directed to a hypertrophy of muscles without fail is followed by a catabolism, without it there will be no due stimulation of synthesis of protein. The catabolism developing in muscle fibers during loading has complex nature.

Proteoliz process of decomposition of proteins by means of proteolytic enzymes. Often under proteolizy understand only splitting to amino acids of proteins of food thanks to action on them digestive enzymes in a stomach and a small intestine, however it has also other value splitting of own proteins of an organism in the course of metabolism. The last takes place to be when amino acids of muscular tissue are spent for energy needs. During loading of both anaerobic, and aerobic nature of a squirrel of muscular tissue are split on amino acids, and those begin to take active part in power supply. To minimize this process we use VSAA before a training, in time and after it, and it is possible to strengthen effects of VSAA by means of an arginin and taurine.

The catabolism caused by hydrogen ions. Except a proteoliz during loading muscle cells are exposed to a catabolism as a result of accumulating in them lactic acid, to be exact products of its disintegration hydrogen ions. To fight against accumulating of ions of hydrogen there is no sense as it is one of the most important factors of stimulation of synthesis of protein in muscular tissue. However it is necessary to avoid its excessively high concentration as it leads to considerable destruction of proteinaceous structures of a cage and activation of action of lysosomes (the last become active in acidic environment). Extent of destruction of muscles becomes such considerable that normally it is possible to be recovered only against the background of the use of anabolic steroids.

Full-fledged trainings in a rest interval from steroids will only promote kickback strengthening as the catabolism caused by them won't be compensated by the normal level of anabolic hormones in the conditions of "a steroid hole". For reduction of intensity of kickback during this period of a training shall be constructed so that to cause the minimum catabolism. For this purpose it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • For reduction of a proteoliz the training shan't be volume and long.
  • For avoidance of excessive concentration of ions of hydrogen in muscle fibers duration of the approach which is carried out to the full shan't exceed 30 seconds, and rest between approaches on the same muscle shall be at least three minutes.

In practice it can be Split from three trainings a week. At each training two-three muscular groups are studied, on each of which it is carried out on two-three working approaches to the full. Serial performance of approaches on each muscular group (around) and so that the working muscles weren't duplicated will be preferable option. In this case it will be possible to avoid excessive acidulation of muscles ions of hydrogen and to keep high rate of a training. For example, after warm-up on all muscles studied for a training it is possible to execute one approach on pectoral muscles, in a rest couple of minutes approach on the average delta, then in two minutes approach on a biceps. Further such circle is carried out one or two times again, that is all there are two-three approaches each trained group. Similarly for other trainings (see the scheme below). From personal experience I can tell that to me the most optimum only two approaches on muscular group seem, three approaches can be used in case "bridge" practices. Preferable range of repetitions: 10-12 on body top, 12-15 on a bottom. For reduction of volume and duration of a training study of some small muscles can and be offered.

Example of three-day Split

1 day: Breast Average deltas Biceps

2 put the Back Forward deltas the Triceps

3 day of the Leg of Caviar Back deltas


  • Breast: presses of a bar, a dumbbell lying, in an inclination.
  • Deltas: moves of dumbbells in the parties, before, in an inclination.
  • Biceps: raising of a bar.
  • Back: draft of the vertical block the wide successful fellow, draft of a bar or a dumbbell to a belt.
  • Triceps: a block press from top to bottom, assignment of a dumbbell in an inclination.
  • Legs: a press legs, squats with a bar.
  • Calves: rise on socks.


During rest from anabolic steroids, for the purpose of reduction of rates of a catabolism, it is possible to practice therapeutic doses of hormones against the background of decrease in volume and intensity of trainings.

In case duration of rest is supposed within one-one and a half months or the doses used on a course are small, it is possible to refuse safely hormonal support from the outside and to help at the same time own hormonal system.

By means of creatin, BCAA and HMB can be supported to some extent synthesis of muscle protein.

Anyway, intensity and volume of loadings at trainings have to be significantly reduced. It is one of the most important factors of decrease in intensity of kickback. Also the full refusal of trainings for one-two weeks is allowed.

It is possible to try the combined approach at which the first several weeks practice "bridge", and the next several weeks full refusal of synthetic hormones. In this case during the use of therapeutic doses of AAS it is possible to do three working approaches on muscular group on the above-stated scheme, and during the subsequent period to be limited to two approaches.

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