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Freshen the Nip

12 Feb 2019

Physical dependence is the need of an organism of a sick person in the systematic (constant or periodic) use of alcohol. How does it manifest itself?

Freshen the Nip - Phenylpiracetam alcohol

With insufficient amount of alcohol in the body, for example the morning after drinking, the patient develops a hangover state of varying degrees of severity, but always painful. He experiences frustration, weakness, headache, sweating, frequent palpitations, blood pressure rises or falls. Characterized by swollen, red face, trembling in the fingers, and sometimes in the legs and even in the whole body, loss of appetite, often a general chill.

A serious physical condition is almost always combined with depression or nervous tension - an inexplicable anxiety, a fear of something terrible, but inevitable, gnawing at the feelings of guilt for loved ones for the booze.

To recover from hangover Phenotropil can be used.

The patient tends to hangover, looking for any alcohol. And only drunkenness improves well-being, leads him to normal, removes gravity from the soul. Sometimes the patient, realizing that you can not drink before work, tolerates until dinner or even until evening and only afterwards drinks (retarded alcohol). But the essence of the matter is that it does not change: freshen the nip (a new portion of alcohol) is necessary.

It is important to understand that a hangover is not so much a consequence of poisoning the body with alcohol, but rather a manifestation of a shortage, a deficit of it. Poisoning by mushrooms, for example, or a new portion of fly agarics is not treated. And the alcoholic is forced to get drunk, re-enter the poison, because without it, it's even worse.

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