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Food antidepressants

01 Aug 2018

Everyone, probably knows a state where everything is boring, nothing pleases, nothing you want. This means that we are in a state of constant stress, from which natural antidepressants help to exit, these are products that have beneficial effects on the body.

Food  antidepressants

Why do these products help against depression? First, they stimulate the development of serotonin, which increases muscle tone and lifts the mood. He improves self-control and creates emotional stability, thanks to this, there are feelings of joy and satisfaction. And as noripinefrin which raises vigor, awakens the reaction of readiness, concentration

One of the most famous antidepressants is bitter chocolate. White, antidepressant quality does not possess. It does not have the theobromine, the tonic material, which is contained in cocoa products. And in bitter chocolate it is. Its aroma relieves irritation, and contained in it phenylethylamine, stimulates the production of endorphin, a hormone of happiness. Chocolate contains substances that improve digestion, increase efficiency.

It helps the body cope with stress. As in chocolate, almonds contain magnesium, which helps the nervous system cope with mental unrest. Neutralization of free radicals that lead the body into a stressful state is provided by vitamin E.

Almond helps to cope with irritability, aggression, fatigue. This is a fairly high-calorie product, which means you need to consume it in small portions, up to fifty grams a day.

In our time, seafood has become almost indispensable food, and it turned out that not for nothing.

They also have antidepressant properties due to vitamins: A, D, B12, B2, PP, as well as zinc, phosphorus and protein. Salmon contains a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids that relieve the body of stress.

In trout there are fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, vitamins B6 and B12 (cyanocobalamin), stimulating the reproduction of hormones of happiness. Pantothenic acid, responsible for the clear work of the adrenal glands, constantly producing adrenaline, is a part of sea kale.

This cabbage contains vitamins E, B1, B2, C, A, PP. In addition, it includes: potassium, iron, calcium, iodine and others. It is rich in folic acid. This acid helps to cope with anxiety.

Broccoli cabbage strongly contributes to the purification of the whole organism and neutralizes carcinogens and toxins, restores the hormonal balance.

From early childhood we drink milk and do the right thing. It turns out that, it not only saturates the teeth and bones with calcium, but also suppresses the production of stress hormones. Microelements and B vitamins, as well as antioxidants successfully cope with nervous disorders, blood levels of tryptophan levels increase.

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