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Effective treatment of alcohol and drug dependence

27 Mar 2019

Modern medicine has made a big step forward, and measures aimed at treating alcoholism, drug addiction and any other dependence are quite impressive. As an example, you can take psychotherapy, it allows you to take into account the psychological aspect of addiction and have a purposeful impact on it. Methods of psychological impact include coding hypnosis and sewing ampoules "esperal". At first glance, the advantages of this method are very important: only one or two sessions, against a background of relatively modest expenditures and a taboo on alcohol consumption is obtained.

Effective treatment of alcohol and drug dependence

As for the shortcomings, they are not obvious and are evident not immediately. Acquaintance with the shortcomings occurs after some time after coding. Very many doubt the effectiveness of the method and are eager to experiment - how much the effect of the ampoule or code is justified.

The very principle of coding or sewing uses the banal approach of the "punitive machine" mechanism of an internal character. Alcoholism slumbers, starts, "serving his time behind bars and counting the seconds and days before liberation." Being "closed" to the "code lock", alcoholism is not so dangerous than in the case of his stay "at large", but the essence of this does not change - a person has to live with him.

These moments are the reason that relatives often regret that they went to extreme measures, because from all points of view, as a social element, the alcoholic often turns into a true tyrant, especially this is true of relatives and friends. And thirdly, the alcoholic, who was coded or sewn, is forced to live and remain in constant tension, torn to pieces between a lurking desire to "take to his chest" and fear of dying, if he accepts it. Despite the fact that "on paper" the issue is resolved, a person signed a receipt on possible consequences in case of violation of the regime, within him there is a constant struggle, very often unconsciously, which warms the acuteness of the problem that is not solved at the root. The constant nervous hypnotranspiration, which causes stress, does not pass without consequences, affects the physical, mental and spiritual state of the dependent.

Alcoholism and drug addiction as a disease is not only the process of intoxication and the search for funds for drugs, it is not only the breakdown and suffering of the addict. Almost half the illness consists of the reaction of the parents to the actions and actions of the sick son, which can be both healthy and painful. If the parents' reaction is adequate, healthy, correct, the problem is solved, the son refuses the drugs (alcohol). And if the reaction is erroneous or even painful, the problem is aggravated, and the son's disease is rapidly progressing.

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