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Dangerous antidepressants

30 Jul 2018

Over the past 10 years, about 30 people were killed and 62 injured as a result of shooting at schools in developed Western states. Among the most widely known are the shooting in March 2005 at Red Lake School of Indian Reserve Jeff Wace, who took Prozac antidepressant, the shooting at Columbus School, Colorado, Eric Harris, who took the antidepressant Luvox, and the killings in Springfield, Oregon, by Kip Kinkel , who also took Prozac.

Dangerous antidepressants

Fluoxetine (Fluoxetine)
INN / analogue: Fluoxetine / (Prozac)

Investigations of psychiatric scams

Over the past 16 years, around the world, the Civil Rights Commissions have been asking the drug regulators to look into the face of the fact that psychiatrists hide from the public the ability of drugs to cause suicidal or violent behavior in patients. Over time, this fact began to be recognized by the researchers themselves.

David Healy, director of the Department of North Wales of Psychological Medicine at the University of Cardiff, published a report on the study of Paksil antidepressant in the journal Public Library of Science-Medicine. Healy found that this substance several times increases the risk of suicide of the patient. In his opinion, other antidepressants, such as Prozac, Selex and Zoloft, create the same risk of violence or suicide: "We have gathered compelling evidence that drugs can induce people to violence, and that means that there will be more cases of violence”, - the researcher confirms.

Zoloft ™ (Zoloft) - Sertraline
Manufacturer: Pfizer

What is justified by such risky medical measures? According to some experts in the field of conventional medicine, nothing. "If the psychiatrist claims that you have depression caused by a lack of serotonin in the body's tissues, ask for an appropriate blood test and observe the psychiatrist's reaction," says anatomy professor Jonathan Leo, "the number of people who have come to believe that scientists have demonstrated a depressed serotonin level in depressive people, is an excellent proof of the effectiveness of marketing."

From the western colleagues who are intensively promoting the medication treatment of depression, Russian psychiatrists are not lagging behind. "No healthy person can avoid depression at least once in his life," Tatyana Dmitrieva, director of the Serbsky Institute, complains in an interview, "medicine can cure, there are effective antidepressant drugs." The trouble is that in another - one-third of the world's population they are not available. most antidepressants are on the list of vital drugs that must necessarily be in the pharmacy, in psychiatric institutions, to be released on preferential terms. Should, but ... These are very expensive medicines.

Paxil - Paroxetine

Psychiatric profit

The cost of sophisticated introduction of the "treatment" of depression with new substances into the mass consciousness of psychiatric propaganda amounted to at least $ 70 million over the past decade. What for? But why. "Useful natural substances are scorned by them because you can not patent a natural product, and patented, unnatural compounds bring an indescribable profit, for example, Prozac contains 20 mg of a patented active ingredient." One thousand Prozac capsules costs $ 247, while the cost of an active, patented the ingredient is 11 cents, which brings a profit of 224973%, "says the well-known physician Julian Whitaker.

Trade name of the drug: Neurrol (Neurol)
International Nonproprietary Name: Alprazolam

Xanax (Alprazolam): 1 mg of this particularly lucrative antidepressant is sold at $ 136.79 per 100 pills The patented artificial active substance costs 2.4 cents, that is, xanax generates a profit of 569958% .In the international scale it is about 80 billion dollars a year from psychotropic drugs. Now let's divide it. This is more than 6 billion dollars a month. This is 200 million dollars a day or more than 832 thousand dollars hourly. There are thousands of psychiatrists who provide sales of products of images. There are thousands of psychiatrists who provide sales of drugs with the invention of fictitious mental disorders, i.e. diagnoses, scientific no more than determining the future with the help of fortune telling. Psychiatrists are nothing more than drug dealers masquerading as health workers, "Whitaker said.

In the light of the above data on the predisposition to violence caused by psychotropic substances, the situation looks even more disgusting. It is worth recalling that the group of leading psychiatrists of the country tried to lobby the legalization in Russia of treatment of another fictitious state - child hyperactivity - with drugs pharmacologically identical to cocaine - I tried to guess, not for a pleasant smile. Among the substances suggested for the "treatment" of disobedient school children, there was a remedy for depression - tomoxetine - which was renamed "atomoxetine" and was suggested as a "modern safe remedy" for the treatment of childhood hyperactivity.

The receipt of the treatment for children since the age of 6 was registered by Roszdravnadzor after a number of human rights organizations provided evidence to the authorities and journalists: psychiatrists knew about the ability of atomoxetine to cause suicidal tendencies and violence. They knew, but hid it from the registration authorities of a number of states, including Russia.

It is not surprising that it was in those countries where psychiatrists succeeded in propagating mass "treatment" of their fictitious diagnoses, that the cases of "inexplicable, incomprehensible violence" became something ordinary. For each such case, psychiatrists readily offer the society the solution - to hospitalize and treat the "killer".

The society readily agrees without going into details. So the country enters a vicious circle, when in a week - like today's US - there are three school shootings.

Federal experts in the US in the course of the investigation concluded that the use of adolescent antidepressants of the latest generation leads to an increase in the number of suicides among patients in this age group. American and British doctors have already received a recommendation not to prescribe these drugs to under-age patients.

These investigations seriously threaten the business of the largest Western pharmaceutical companies.

Experts from the US Food and Drug Administration have found that millions of prescriptions for prescribing antidepressants are prescribed to minors. Until now, adolescents were allowed to take only one "Prozac" (the company Eli Lilly). But formally, the rules did not forbid doctors to prescribe to children and other similar drugs.

Now it became clear that there is a definite connection between taking antidepressants and increasing the risk of suicidal behavior in adolescents taking the drug. The developers of such drugs themselves admitted that taking these medications has side effects, indicating in indications for use the need for constant monitoring of the patient "because of the risk of suicide."

The experts' apprehensions intensified after they received research materials on the effects of taking Paksil (GlaxoSmithKline) by young patients. After that, the US federal authorities demanded that any four pharmaceutical companies - the largest producers of antidepressants Eli Lilly, Wyeth (the drug Efferor), GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer (Zoloft) publish any, even closed, results of the study of the consequences of taking these drugs by children and adolescents.

The annual turnover of the US market for drugs treating mental disorders is estimated at $ 49 billion, of which antidepressants occupy about 17 billion. Although the warning has been sent to only four companies, experts at the London Center for World Market Research believe that the investigation and subsequent developments The new restrictions will definitely hit the business of other, smaller participants in the American market of antidepressants - Forest Laboratories (Bristol-Myers Squibb (Serzon), Selexa), Akzo Nobel ("Remeron") and Solvay ("Luvox").

In the US, antidepressants are a familiar companion for home health-care kits and handbags. In Russia, not the use of drugs to combat stress and depression. Russians are more used to fighting depression with well-known "folk" means. Fooled by psychiatric propaganda still go to a psychologist, but they do not have the right to prescribe such drugs. And Russian psychiatrists prefer to prescribe more effective tranquilizers.

As told in the Center for Marketing Research "Pharmexpert", the dynamic development of the market of antidepressants in Russia is hindered by the prescription nature of their use. The vast majority of sales of antidepressants are accounted for by health organizations. Sales of drugs on the market are growing weak, despite the marketing efforts of foreign companies. In total, the share of imported antidepressants accounts for up to 85% of the market with a volume of 15.5 million dollars.

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