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Alternative development of the Mind

03 Nov 2016

Anthropologist tells about the brain dinosaurs, intelligence and luck as the specialization of modern man. How was the development of intellectual abilities of the ancestors of modern man? What are some examples of intellectual regression? What factors may affect the development of intelligence in different animals? And is it possible the emergence of new intelligent beings?

Some paleontologists argue that the rate of increase in brain theropods were comparable with rates in australopithecines - our ancestors. But Australopithecus increase brain started with 400 grams, while the dinosaurs a little bit smaller, despite the fact that their body sizes were a little bit more. But dinosaurs are out of luck. Maybe they would have reached the stage of the emergence of intelligent beings. On this topic there are even beautiful pictures, which can be easily found. To improve your brain and mental function - buy NootropilPeptide Cerluten, Cogitum, Pantogam.

The most famous of alternative humanities - is the Neanderthals of Europe. But there were others. For example, people in Java, who lived in a very specific conditions: a tropical climate, bamboo thickets, the island in the ocean. There is no connection with the rest of humanity. They went their own peculiar evolution. There were very few stone tools. Maybe it was a lot of wood, bamboo grew everywhere benefit. But they died out themselves, leaving no offspring. Until some intellectual heights they reached.

Modern man - is not only a unique creature, as being lucky. The evolution of human intelligence was in conditions of extreme luck. That is, at each step, step, a critical moment of the history of our ancestors were lucky and others unlucky. Neanderthals covered volcanoes and different icing, Homo floresiensis too carried away with life on a paradise island, it was the same in Java, massive Australopithecus ate too many plants and too little attention paid meat food - vegetarians remark. And our ancestors passed through all these dangers. But, however, continues to decrease the size of the brain in the last 25 thousand years, and forced to guard us.

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