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Afobazol - Helps fight depression and stress

16 Oct 2016

I first bought Afobazol in 2008, when took birth control pills "Novinet". I had manifested side effects - depression, anxiety.

Usually people call depression a sense of melancholy, boredom. In fact, it's much worse. Depression develops suddenly, without any reason. It feels like a wave covers you with head, and hard to breathe. It appears panic, anxiety, fear. It's hard to explain in words. You think only about one thing - how to get rid of depression.

I tried to take sedatives - "motherwort", "novopassit". Improvements were not, from these it was even worse in some degree, they are drowned symptoms.

So I bought an antidepressant afobazol, I already knew about it from colleagues and heard good reviews that it is very good for stress.

Generally, this drug should be taken 3-4 weeks to get a good effect. But I felt the action afobazole in 2-3 days. It not only calms. It returns a desire to live and enjoy. It improves sleep, but sleepiness I have not noticed.

In that time I had full course. In subsequent months, the reception was enough to take "Novinet afobazol" for a week when manifested symptoms of depression.

Importantly, it does not appear addictive and dependence on it.

Afobazol - effective preparation and necessary in our troubled times. But there are contraindications.

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