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Afobazol - Best among anticonvulsant drugs

14 Oct 2016

This year, I moved to another city, my reason for this was the rise of the career ladder. I work in a big company and we have a practice of translation staff in different cities. I was lucky to get into the St. Petersburg branch. But in fact, my joy was not long. Just two weeks stay in the city I felt into depression. I did not like the staff, subordinates I do not have sufficient qualifications, friends, I have not had in St. Petersburg. The weather also did not cause any positive emotions. Constant penetrating through the wind, freezing rain, humidity and gray sky ... The most logical would pull himself together and cease to faint. But my feelings and frustration still took up the mind. Sometimes I cried in the evening of boredom, dissatisfaction of the new post, from the gray everyday life of St. Petersburg. In place of the tears came apathy, I stopped paying attention to the workflow, care for themselves, broke off contact with former friends. So I spent my first months in the new place of residence. Then I woke up and realized how much time I was thrown out of life. I began to worry about missed opportunities. Sleep with each passing day it became increasingly difficult, in the end, I had insomnia. I was in constant suspense, disturbing thoughts I did not let go. I realized that on their own can not do it, so I decided to search the internet medicines that will help me regain a positive outlook on life. Some of them I immediately rejected. Novopassit I took once, from Novopassit I felt terribly sleepy, I went limp and sometimes did not understand what was happening around. After reading part Tenoten and reviews about it, I realized that taking this drug is a waste of time and money. In the end, I opted for Afobazol. I went to the nearest drugstore and bought two packs at once. I saw one tablet three times a day. It turned out that my reserves will last for two months, so I decided to drink a course. Somewhere on the 8th day, I felt a change in my already habitual depressive mood. Life began to improve. A week has passed insomnia, sleep has become strong. After a month of receiving Afobazol I forgot all about my anxiety! To me energy and strength back. The drug is really worth! And in order to secure the effect of Afobazol, I still decided to make friends with colleagues regained their past contacts and signed up to the gym.


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