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Actovegin - Treatment of astenia

18 Jul 2018

Dystonia. Causes of the disease. Treatment with Actovegin

Dystonia is a pathological condition that can be a symptom in a wide variety of organic diseases. Fortunately, the astenia in most cases has no connection with any serious disease. Another name for this disease is "neurocirculatory dystonia." If we try to explain this disease in two or three words, we should emphasize the following: vegeto-vascular dystonia is a violation "between the cerebral cortex and subcortical structures". And the manifestations VSD can be very diverse.

What is the role of astenia in the vital activity of the body?
Being in the brain and spinal cord, the autonomic nervous system regulates the activity of internal organs, etc.

Actovegin astenia

What can provoke this disease, which is found in a large number of patients who seek help from doctors (it is estimated - from a third to two-thirds of patients)?
The reasons can be very diverse: it can be the constitution of the person himself, and a variety of external factors, such as family, climate, the overall cultural development of a person, prolonged and often recurring stresses, chronic fatigue, violations of the working and rest regime, etc. .

A well-known scientist, academician AM Vein, who studied the autonomic nervous system, wrote that the cause of astenia in acute or chronic stress. And most scientists and practitioners agree with this statement. Wayne.

The insidiousness of this pathology also lies in the fact that the astenia can affect a person of any age (from early childhood to menopause) and can have a huge variety of manifestations: hypotension / hypertension, tachycardia / brachycardia, fear and anxiety, dysfunction of the digestive system, dizziness, chilliness hands and feet and more.

Although the first signs of astenia may appear already in childhood, and especially in adolescence, it should be noted that most often the disease manifests itself in people of the most active age (from twenty to forty-five years). And in women - more often than men. Hormonal reorganization of the body (in adolescence, with menopause in women) or hereditary predisposition can also be an impetus to the emergence of astenia.

The way of treatment astenia
Treatment astenia is complex, which can include medicines, physical education, work and rest, spa treatment, vitamin therapy, etc.
If you feel unwell, the patient should not listen to any advice from friends and girlfriends, and boldly go to the doctor who will give the referral for the tests, and then - if necessary - refer them to different specialists: the neurologist, the oculist, the endocrinologist, the ENT - and if necessary will - to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist at the reception.
Do not be afraid of psychiatrists: psychiatry has long ceased to be an instrument in the hands of punitive authorities. If there is no confidence in the treatment prescribed by the doctor, several specialists can be consulted.
The main thing is a correctly diagnosed diagnosis, as well as your own belief in the success of treatment. Own optimistic perception of life, a purposeful desire to conquer fear and all kinds of phobias - if properly and timely prescribed treatment - will help if you do not get rid of this disease forever, then achieve a stable remission.

The main symptoms with astenia: neurasthenia, depression; phobias; anxiety and excitement for every trifle, palpitations, dizziness, etc.

Drug therapy astenia can be very diverse. These can be medicines such as Glycine, Cinnarizine (Stugeron), Leonurus, Cerebrolysin, Ceraxon, Actovegin and other medications.

What can help Actovegin in a complex of measures aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the disease astenia?
In the complex treatment of astenia, drugs are used that improve cerebral circulation, since often astenia is a sign of cerebrovascular insufficiency, which is especially characteristic for middle-aged patients.
One of these medicines, which improve the energy metabolism of brain cells, is Actovegin.

Actovegin is administered intravenously by drip or by intramuscular injection. After the parenteral course of therapy with Actovegin, the patient can be transferred to the tablet form of Actovegin.
About dosages of Actovegin, the methods of treatment with Actovegin can be read here. The duration of therapy with Actovegin can be determined only by the attending physician, based on the severity of the disease, the age of the patient.

In addition, antioxidants are also used in complex treatment of astenia. One of these drugs used in the treatment of vegetovascular dystonia is Mexidol.

Symptomatic treatment of all types of astenia is diverse. For success in therapy of the astenia, it is very important that a diagnosis is made in time (already at the initial stage of this difficultly diagnosed disease) and immediately treatment started.

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