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Abstinence / Breaking

29 Aug 2018

Abstinence (withdrawal syndrome, breakage, demolition, withdrawal symptoms, withdrawal pangs, cold Turkey) means a marked deterioration in the state of health when the amount of the drug taken is reduced or if the consumption is completely stopped. At this time, the addict's behavior is restless. He does not leave stress, irritability, although for her there is no reason, he is nervous.

Abstinence. Breaking. Phenotropil. Phenazepam

He really needs drugs, so he tries to leave the house under any excuse or "sits down" on the phone. At the same time, the conversation from the side seems incomprehensible, says some riddles like: "Well, how is it?", "Everything is ready?", Etc.

Drug addicts with little experience, who do not have severe physical dependence, can tolerate breaking on their legs. Parents think that the child is sick, and indeed, the picture of opiate withdrawal in a mild form resembles ARI or upset stomach.

Looks like a withdrawal syndrome like this - Sharply widening pupils, there are lethargy, chills, intense sweating, mood is reduced. A young man is wrapped in warm clothes, turns on the heater even if the apartment is warm. He suffers from a runny nose, and sometimes sneezes. He experiences nausea, and then vomiting may begin, the stomach hurts (Phenotropil can help with it).

At this time, drug addicts almost do not sleep at night, they can not lie either. The relief comes not less than in 4-5 days (we shall repeat, at beginning narcomaniacs), and more often these torments last longer. Therefore, a person does not stand up, and if on the third day the illness suddenly passes, then it is pinned and therefore feels well.

For some novice drug addicts, these symptoms are not always present during the break-up, but in any case, the ailments are seen with the naked eye.

A drug addict who uses a dope for a long period, skipping the time of taking the next dose, experiences a more painful condition during withdrawal. The heaviest flu, accompanied by food poisoning, can not compare with what the patient feels at this time. In addition, strong pains in the joints are added, and besides this, there is often also a tremor - a "knock-out", when the whole body trembles.

Insomnia among the "trainees" is more prolonged, and drug addicts, knowing what awaits them, try to get any money for the next dose: transfer the fragility to dry above their strength (Phenazepam can cope with this). Moreover, they know that flour can immediately disappear, if you take a dose, but it is available, sold, as they say, around the corner.

All types of drugs, regardless of the way they are introduced into the body, necessarily damage the nervous system, including the brain, the immune system, the liver, the heart, the lungs. People who regularly use the potion, there is, in addition to physical, a psychic addiction, and this alone can not cope with this disaster.

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