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NoSmoq - instructions, dosage, side effects, analogs

06 Nov 2019

NoSmoq - instructions, dosage, side effects, analogs

Antidepressant: NoSmoq (NoSmoke)
Active ingredient: bupropion (Bupropion)

Analogs: Champix, Tabex, Brizantine, Nicorette, Lobelin, Mebikar, Hamibazin, Tabakum-plus.
- "Wellbutrin" (Wellbutrin), active ingredient: bupropion
- "NoSmoke" (NoSmoking), active ingredient: bupropion

Bupropion helps you to easily survive the first days and months of quitting smoking, taking NoSmoq you will not become irritable by giving up cigarettes, you will not recover because you will not have an acute sense of hunger and a desire to have a snack, no matter how it usually happens in people who have decided quit smoking, quitting smoking will be smooth and not noticeable for you without any discomfort. If you clearly decided to "quit smoking!" but you can not spend more than a week without cigarettes, we advise you to buy a bupropion and overcome the addiction once and for all.

NoSmoq - instructions, dosage, side effects, analogs

The drug has a pronounced anti-nicotine action, is a complete analogue of the drug Zyban, and it helps to cope well with nicotine dependence.

Course of application of the drug bupropion 7 weeks:

- from 1 to 7 days of the course should take 1 tablet a day
- Then 3 weeks should be taken 2 tablets per day

Then comes the plateau, and now if the drug has not started to help you and you still want to smoke, further use of the drug is meaningless (fortunately this is a rare case), if you notice that you are easily given to stop smoking, do not stop taking the drug, left just a little bit.

Starting with the fourth week of the drug should take 5 days for 2 tablets a day

In total, the entire course will take about 60 tablets.

Course of application of the drug bupropion 9 weeks:

This course is designed for heavy smokers who choose to quit smoking or for people who have weak willpower do not allow to quit smoking.

- from 1 to 7 days of the course should take 1 tablet a day.
- Then 5 weeks should take 2 tablets a day.

For smokers with experience and people with weak will power, the plateau begins approximately after the sixth week of taking the drug bupropion, that is after this time you either do not feel cravings for smoking at all or you need the help of a psychotherapist. you probably have a very strong mental dependence that can not be removed with the help of antidepressants, further use of the drug for you, unfortunately, makes no sense. And those who have felt a pleasant smell of clean air and are already breathing clean lungs are expecting the final straight.

- Seventh week of the drug should take 6 days for 2 tablets a day.

Total the entire course of about 90 tablets.

The minimum period for effective admission as you can already guess by reading the course description is 3 weeks, it is also worth noting, before going to the reception, contact a doctor that he would make an individual course of admission for you, the above courses are approximate, if you have any unpleasant sensations while taking the drug bupropion You should stop the course and see a doctor. If you forgot to take a pill on time during the course, it's okay just to take the next pill on schedule. Do not exceed the dosage of the drug.

Terms of selling from the pharmacy: Without a prescription.

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