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Ophtolique eye drops 10ml

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Ophtolique eye drops - are used to eliminate dryness, discomfort and eye irritation, arising from the action of unfavorable external (mechanical, chemical, physical) factors. The drug can be used for additional moisturizing of the eyes in patients with reduced secretion of tear fluid.

Keratoprotector. The drug has a protective effect on the cornea of the eye with a decreased secretion of tear fluid or increased evaporation of the tear film.

Polyvinyl alcohol and povidone have the properties of lubricant, which reduces irritation and redness of the eye. Covering the surface of the eye, these substances reduce the stress of the surface and prevent the formation of ruptured tear film.

Polyvinyl alcohol has properties similar to the properties of mucin, produced by conjunctival glands. It helps to soften and lubricate (moisturize) the surface of the eye, increases the stability of tear film.


Systemic absorption of the drug from the eye surface is minimal: after instillation of 2 cap. Ophthalmic in each eye the concentration of active substances of the drug in the plasma after 4 hours remains below the possible limit of quantification (10 ng / ml).


  • Feeling of burning, irritation and discomfort caused by dry eyes.
  • As a substitute for tears in the case of a decrease in the secretion of tear fluid.
  • Syndrome of a "dry" eye or any other conditions that require softening and moisturizing the cornea.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Special instructions:

It is contraindicated to use the drug if the color of the solution has changed or it has become cloudy. In order to prevent infection of the eye mucosa, care should be taken to ensure that the pipette tip does not touch the skin, eye surface or other surfaces during application.

The patient should stop using the drug and consult a doctor if:

  • when the drops are applied, the pain becomes worse;
  • vision deteriorates;
  • symptoms persist for more than 72 hours;
  • redness and eye irritation persist.

The drug contains benzalkonium chloride, so you can not wear contact lenses for 20 minutes after the application of drops.

Suggested Use:

Assign 1-2 drops 3-4 times / day. in both eyes, depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Application rules

Wash hands before applying the product. Shake the vial and remove the lid. Make sure that the tip of the pipette does not touch the skin or the surface of the eye to prevent infection of the mucous membrane. Throw back the head, pull the lower eyelid down, turn the vial and drip the necessary amount of drops into the conjunctival sac. After use, the bottle should be tightly closed with a lid.


  • Comes in original packaging. Item is brand new and unopened.


  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep locked and away from children.
  • Store in dry place at room temperature.
  • Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 C

Important notice- the outer box design may vary before prior notice!


Ophtolique eye drops 10ml buy keratoprotector online

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