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Honluten is a complex peptide, comprising amino acids that contribute to normalization and lung cells and bronchial mucosa.

Respiratory System - a set of structures to capture oxygen and remove carbon dioxide formed by the inner breath. Central Authority - a light, located on both sides of the heart. Lung disease contribute to the development of pathological processes leading to a decrease in oxygen in the blood. That leads to a decrease in lung volume and development of respiratory insufficiency leading to disability, significantly reducing the quality of life. For the correction and normalization of pathological changes in the lung resulting from various diseases has been developed respiratory organ bioregulator - Honluten.

In a clinical study of the effectiveness of installed Honlutena in comprehensive prevention and treatment of patients with impaired function of the lungs and bronchi in acute and chronic respiratory diseases infectious and non-infectious origin, as well as to maintain the function of the respiratory system in people with middle and old age.

It was found that the course application Honlutena, in addition to the means of conventional therapy in patients with respiratory failure and lung involvement, helped to improve health, reduce the frequency of attacks of coughing and choking, reducing the number of sputum, increased physical performance. Positive dynamics in the form of reducing the number of wheezing, and reduced sputum allocated, reflecting the general trend of reduction of inflammatory symptoms of the disease.

Application Honlutena the athletes of the highest category in the process of preparing for the competition allowed to increase the performance of aerobic capacity and oxygen pulse, increase respiratory reserve. What has led not only to the increase in physical performance compared with baseline, but retained it to the end of the sports season. The studies showed that Honluten has the ability to stimulate the functional activity of the basic cell elements of lung tissue, to reduce the level of spontaneous cell death. Thus, the drug exerts trophic and stabilizing effect on the tissue of lung and bronchus, improves its function.


  • chronic respiratory failure
  • chronic cardiopulmonary insufficiency
  • after pneumonia
  • the effects of prolonged mechanical ventilation
  • respiratory distress syndrome
  • tuberculosis of the lungs in remission
  • chest injury
  • burns to the upper respiratory tract
  • the effects of toxic lesions of the lung, including carbon monoxide poisoning
  • intensive sports
  • to maintain the function of the respiratory system in humans elderly

Honluten: clinical trials

Clinical study of the efficacy of HONLUTEN conducted involving 47 patients with chronic bronchitis with asthmatic component in remission, including 26 men and 21 women aged from 38 to 65 years, which amounted to the main group.

The patients complained of cough, especially in the morning, general weakness, sweating, shortness of breath on exertion, recurrent attacks of breathlessness, sleep disorders, headaches. Patients of the main groups received, in addition to conventional means HONLUTEN 1-2 tablets 2 times a day for 20-30 days depending on the severity of the pathological process. 29 control group patients with similar disease received only conventional treatments.

We evaluated the dynamics of patients' complaints, clinical blood and urine tests, blood biochemistry. Lung radiography, sputum smear microscopy and analysis of respiratory function.

It was found that the use of HONLUTEN in addition to the means of conventional therapy in 82% of patients with chronic bronchitis with asthmatic component helped to improve health, reduce the frequency of attacks of coughing and choking, reducing the number of sputum, increased physical performance. Auscultation of the lungs over time showed the disappearance in some cases, dry whistling and buzzing wheezing. Improves lung function. In the process of applying HONLUTEN observed a decrease in sputum microscopic structures: white blood cells, epithelial cells, Kurshmana spirals, indicating that the decrease in inflammatory and bronchospastic symptoms of the disease.

Suggested Use:

Adults take 1-2 capsules 1-2 times a day with meals. Duration of 10-30 days. It is advisable to repeat the course in 4-6 months.


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  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep locked and away from children.
  • Store in dry place at room temperature.
  • Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 C

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Honluten 20 capsules buy Peptide complex fot bronchial mucosa online

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