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Instruction for use: Troventolum (Troventolum)

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chemical name

Iodine D, l- (2-hydroxymethyl-2-phenylbutyric acid methyl ester methyl ester

Pharmacological group

M Cholinolytics

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

J18 Pneumonia without specifying the pathogen

Alveolar pneumonia, Community-acquired pneumonia is atypical, Community-acquired pneumonia nepnevmokokkovaya, Pneumonia, Inflammation of the lower respiratory tract, Inflammatory disease of the lungs, lobar pneumonia, Infections of the respiratory tract and lungs, Infections of the lower respiratory tract, Cough in inflammatory diseases of the lung and bronchus, lobar pneumonia, nosocomial pneumonia, Exacerbation of chronic pneumonia, Acute community-acquired pneumonia, Acute pneumonia, lobular pneumonia, Pneumonia abscessed, bacterial Pneumonia, lobar pneumonia, Pneumonia alopecia, Pneumonia with obstruction of sputum discharge, Pneumonia in AIDS patients, Pneumonia in Children, Septic pneumonia, Chronic obstructive pneumonia, Chronic pneumonia, Lymphoid interstitial pneumonia

J44 Other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Allergic bronchitis, Bronchitis asthma, Asthmatic bronchitis, wheeze bronchitis, Bronchitis is an obstructive, bronchi disease, Shortness of sputum in acute and chronic respiratory diseases, Cough in inflammatory diseases of the lung and bronchus, Reversible airflow obstruction, Reversible obstructive airway disease, Obstructive bronchitis disease, Obstructive lung disease, Obstructive bronchitis, Spastic bronchitis, Chronic lung disease, Chronic nonspecific lung diseases, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Chronic obstructive bronchitis, Chronic obstructive airway disease, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Restrictive lung pathology

J45 Asthma

Asthma physical effort, status asthmaticus, Bronchial asthma, Asthma lung flow, Bronchial asthma with obstruction of sputum discharge, Bronchial asthma heavy currents, Bronchial asthma physical effort, hypersecretory asthma, Hormone-dependent form of bronchial asthma, Relief of asthma attacks in bronchial asthma, Non-allergic asthma, nocturnal asthma, Exacerbation of asthma, Asthma attacks, Endogenous forms of asthma, Night asthma, Cough with bronchial asthma

J98.8.0 * Bronchospasm

Bronchospasm in bronchial asthma, Bronchospasm when exposed to an allergen, bronchospastic reactions, bronchospastic status, bronhospastichesky syndrome, Diseases accompanied by bronchospastic syndrome, reversible bronchospasm, spasmodic cough

J999 * Diagnosis of Respiratory Diseases

bronchography, bronchoscopy, Diagnostic procedures in the nasal passages, Diagnostic Study of the bronchi, laryngoscopy, Preparing for rhinoscopy, Preparing the patient for bronchoscopy and / or bronhografii, Preparing the patient for bronchoscopy or bronhografii, Preparing the patient for diagnostic procedures in the nasal passages, Preparing the patient for diagnostic procedures in the area of the nasal passages, rhinoscopy, Visualization of the chest cavity, Chest X-ray, Mediastinoscopy

Characteristics of Traventol

White or white with a yellowish tinge of crystalline powder. Slightly soluble in water.


Pharmacological action - bronchodilating, bronchodilator, anticholinergic.

Has m-cholinoblocking activity. It blocks predominantly m-holinoretseptory bronchi (acts more strongly and continuously) compared with other organs (heart, GIT, etc.). The bronchodilating effect develops 15-30 minutes after inhalation and persists for 4-5 hours. It does not pass through the BBB.


Bronchospastic syndrome (treatment and prevention) with chronic obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma (mild and moderate severity), acute and chronic pneumonia; Catarrhal diseases, including those in elderly patients.


Glaucoma, pregnancy.

pregnancy and lactation

Contraindicated in pregnancy.

Side effects

Dry mouth, throat swelling, disruption of accommodation.


Compatible with other bronchodilators (adrenomimetics, xanthine derivatives) and glucocorticoids.

Routes of administration



If side effects occur, it is possible to reduce the dose or increase the intervals between inhalations. In more severe cases, the treatment is temporarily discontinued.

special instructions

There is information about the possibility of using a hidden bronchospastic syndrome for diagnosis.

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