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Instruction for use: Solcoseryl Ointment

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Trade name of the drug Solcoseryl

Dosage form: Solcoseryl gel and Solcoseryl ointment
Composition.Solcoseryl gel and Solcoseryl ointment contain:
Active ingredient - Solcoseryl (deproteinized dialysate from the blood of healthy dairy calves (Bos Taurus), chemically and biologically standardized) 4.15 mg / g and 2.07 mg / g, respectively (calculated on dry matter);
Preservatives: methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E 218) and propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E 216);
Solcoseryl gel - calcium lactate, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, propylene glycol, water for injections.
Solcoseryl ointment - cetyl alcohol, cholesterol, white petrolatum, water for injections.

Solcoseryl gel
The homogeneous practically colorless, transparent gel solid consistency.
Solcoseryl ointment
Homogenous, greasy, easy to distribute weight from white to yellowish.

Pharmacotherapeutic group- The stimulator of tissue regeneration.

ATC code D11AX

Pharmacological Properties

Solcoseryl is deproteinized Hemo - dialysate containing a wide range of low-molecular components of cell mass and blood serum of dairy calves.


  • Solcoseryl increases the intensity of reparative and regenerative processes;
  • Solcoseryl helps to activate the aerobic metabolic processes and oxidative phosphorylation;
  • Oxygen consumption increases and stimulates the transport of glucose into cells in hypoxia and ischaemia;
  • Solcoseryl increases the synthesis of collagen;
  • Solcoseryl stimulates cell proliferation.

Solcoseryl gel does not contain fat as an auxiliary component, thereby easily washed off. It promotes the formation of granulation tissue, and elimination of fluid.Since the appearance of fresh granulation and drying wound recommended Solcoseryl ointment containing as an auxiliary component fats and forming a protective film on the wound surface.


Solcoseryl gel / ointment applied in the following cases:

  • minor injuries (bruises, scratches, cuts)
  • burns 1 and 2 degrees (sunburn, thermal burns)
  • Frostbite
  • difficult healing wounds (including trophic ulcers and bed sores).

For the treatment of trophic lesions of various origins tissues Solcoseryl apply only after the removal of necrotic tissue from the wound.
Solcoseryl gel is applied in the initial stages of treatment and applied on fresh wounds, wounds with a wet discharge or ulcers with symptoms of soak.
Solcoseryl ointment is used primarily for the treatment of dry (non-weeping) wounds.

Hypersensitivity to one of the components of the preparation.Caution should be used when a predisposition to allergic reactions.

Dosing and Administration
Solcoseryl used topically applied directly on the wound surface after preliminary cleansing wounds with a disinfecting solution.
Before the treatment of venous ulcers, as well as in cases of purulent wound infections requires pre-surgical treatment.
Solcoseryl gel is applied to fresh wounds, wounds with wet detachable on ulcers with signs soak thin layer on the cleaned wound 2-3 times a day. Sites started epithelialization Solcoseryl be lubricated with ointment. The use of gel Solcoseryl continues until a pronounced granulation tissue over the damaged surface of the skin and drying wounds.Solcoseryl ointment applied in a thin layer on clean the wound 1-2 times a day. Solcoseryl ointment can be applied under dressings. The course of treatment Solcoseryl ointment continues until complete healing of the wound, it epithelialization and the formation of an elastic scar tissue.
simultaneous use of parenteral forms Solcoseryl recommended for the treatment of severe trophic lesions of the skin and soft tissues.

Interaction with other drugs

Solcoseryl interaction with other topical drugs are not established.

Side effectIn rare cases, the site of application Solcoseryl may develop allergic reactions such as hives, dermatitis edge. In this case, you must stop using the product and seek medical advice.
The site of application Solcoseryl gel may be marked transient burning sensation. If a burning sensation persists for a long time, on the application Solcoseryl gel should be discarded.

Overdose (intoxication) drug
For information about the effects of overdose Solcoseryl gel / cream available.
Special instructions
Solcoseryl not be applied to a contaminated wound as it contains not contain antimicrobial components.
Application Solcoseryl, like all other drugs, it is undesirable during pregnancy and lactation is possible only when absolutely necessary and under medical supervision.
In case of pain, redness of the skin near the site of application Solcoseryl, highlight the secretion from the wound, fever is an urgent need to consult a doctor.
If the application of Solcoseryl not observed the healing of the affected area for 2-3 weeks, you should see a doctor.

Release Form
Solcoseryl gel in tubes of 20 g
Solcoseryl ointment in tubes of 20 g

Storage conditions
Solcoseryl should be stored at a temperature no higher than + 30 C out of reach of children.

Shelf life5 years from date of manufacture. Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.
Conditions of supply of pharmacies
Without recipe.

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