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ATX Code H01BA02 Desmopressin

Active substance: Desmopressin

Pharmacological group

Hemostatic agent [Hormones of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, gonadotropins and their antagonists]

Nosological classification (ICD-10)

D68.0 Willebrand’s Disease

Willebrand's disease, Villebrand-Jurgens disease, Angiogemophilia, Willebrand-Jurgens constitutional thrombopathy, Willebrand-Jurgens syndrome

D68.8 Other specified disorders of coagulation

Afibrinogenemia, Coagulopathies are hereditary

Z100 * CLASS XXII Surgical practice

Abdominal surgery, adenomectomy, Amputation, Coronary angioplasty, Angioplasty of the carotid arteries, Antiseptic skin treatment for wounds, Antiseptic Hand, Appendectomy, atherectomy, Balloon coronary angioplasty, Vaginal hysterectomy, The coronary bypass, Interventions in the vagina and cervix, Interventions on the bladder, Intervention in the mouth, Restoration and reconstructive surgery, Hand hygiene of medical personnel, Gynecologic surgery, Gynecological intervention, Gynecological surgery, Hypovolemic shock during operations, Disinfection of purulent wounds, Disinfection of wounds edges, Diagnostic intervention, Diagnostic procedures, Cervical Diathermocoagulation, Long-surgery, Replacing the fistula catheters, Infection in orthopedic surgery, Artificial heart valve, cystectomy, Short-term outpatient surgery, Short-term operation, Short surgical procedures, Krikotireotomiya, Blood loss during surgery, Bleeding during surgery and in the postoperative period, Kuldotsentez, laser photocoagulation, laser coagulation, retinal laser coagulation, Laparoscopy, Laparoscopy in Gynecology, CSF fistula, Small gynecological operations, Small surgical procedures, Mastectomy and subsequent plastic, mediastinotomy, Microsurgical operations on the ear, Mukogingivalnye operation, suturing, Minor surgery, neurosurgical operation, Immobilization of the eyeball in ophthalmic surgery, testectomy, pancreatectomy, Perikardektomiya, The period of rehabilitation after surgery, The period of, convalescence after surgery, Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, Pleural thoracentesis, Pneumonia postoperative and posttraumatic, Preparation for surgical procedures, Preparation for surgery, Preparation of the surgeon's hands before surgery, Preparation of the colon for surgical procedures, Postoperative aspiration pneumonia in neurosurgical and thoracic surgery, Postoperative nausea, Postoperative bleeding, postoperative granuloma, postoperative shock, The early postoperative period, myocardial revascularization, Radiectomy, gastric Resection, bowel resection, uterine Resection, liver Resection, enterectomy, Resection of part of the stomach, Reocclusion of the operated vessel, Bonding tissues during surgical procedures, Removal of sutures, Condition after eye surgery, Condition after surgery, Condition after surgery in the nasal cavity, Condition after gastrectomy, Status after resection of the small intestine, Condition after tonsillectomy, Condition after removal of the duodenum, Condition after phlebectomy, Vascular surgery, Splenectomy, Sterilization of surgical instruments, Sterilization of surgical instruments, sternotomy, Dental surgery, Dental intervention in periodontal tissues, strumectomy, Tonsillectomy, Thoracic surgery, total gastrectomy, Transdermal intravascular coronary angioplasty, Transurethral resection, Turbinektomiya, Removal of a tooth, cataract surgery, Removal of cysts, tonsillectomy, Removal of fibroids, Removing the mobile primary teeth, Removing polyps, Removing broken tooth, Removal of the uterus body, Removal of sutures, Urethrotomy, Fistula likvoroprovodyaschih ways, Frontoetmoidogaymorotomiya, Surgical infection, Surgical treatment of chronic limb ulcersm, Surgery, The surgery in the anal area, The surgery on the colon, Surgical practice, The surgical procedure, Surgical interventions, Surgery on the gastrointestinal tract, Surgical procedures on the urinary tract, Surgical procedures on the urinary system, Surgical intervention of the genitourinary system, Surgical procedures on the heart, Surgical manipulation, surgery, Surgery on the veins, Surgical intervention, Vascular surgery, Surgical treatment of thrombosis, cholecystectomy, Partial gastric resection, transabdominal hysterectomy, Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, Coronary artery bypass, tooth Extirpation, Extirpation of milk teeth, pulpectomy, pulsative cardiopulmonary bypass, tooth Extraction, teeth Extraction, cataract extraction, Electrocoagulation, endourological intervention, episiotomy, Etmoidotomiya, Complications after tooth extraction

Composition and form of release

Solution for injection 0.5 ml

Trihydrate of desmopressin acetate 4 μg

(Equivalent to 3,614 μg of desmopressin)

Auxiliary substances: sodium chloride - 4,5 mg; Chlorobutamol - 2.5 mg; Hydrochloric acid 0.1 N - 0.0012 ml; Water for injection - 0.4988 ml

In 0.5 ml ampoules; In a pack of cardboard 10 ampoules.

Solution for injection 1 ml

Trihydrate of desmopressin acetate 20 or 40 μg

(Equivalent to 18.07 or 36.14 μg of desmopressin, respectively)

Auxiliary substances: sodium chloride - 9 mg; Chlorobutanol - 5 mg; Hydrochloric acid 0.1 N - 0.006 ml; Water for injection - 0.994 ml

In ampoules of 1 ml; In a box there are 10 ampoules.

pharmachologic effect

The pharmacological action is vasopressin-like.

Has antidiuretic effect, stimulates the activity of the VIII factor of blood coagulation, promotes the liberation of the activator of plasminogen.


Hemophilia A, Willebrand's disease (types I and II), preparation of patients with von Willebrand's disease before surgery and patients with uremia to invasive interventions.


Hypersensitivity, von Willebrand's disease (type IIB), vascular diseases, chronic nephritis.

pregnancy and lactation


Side effects

From the nervous system and sensory organs: rarely - a headache.

From the cardiovascular system and blood (blood, gemostaz): rarely - tachycardia, hypotension.

From the part of the digestive tract: rarely - nausea, pain in the abdominal cavity.

From the genitourinary system: rarely - painful spasms of the uterus, pain in the vagina.

From the skin: rarely - hyperemia of the face.


Carbamazepine, chlorpropamide and clofibrate can enhance the antidiuretic effect.

Dosing and Administration

In / in, drip, slowly (15-30 min), after dilution in physiological saline, p / k. Dosage is selected individually. Usually 0.3 μg / kg.

Precautionary measures

Be wary appoint patients with bronchial asthma, hypertension, coronary artery disease, with a history of epilepsy, migraine or signs of heart failure, and in cases where fluid retention in the body is undesirable.

special instructions

During the treatment it is necessary to monitor the removal of fluid, monitor the concentration of factor VIII in plasma and fibrinolytic activity.

storage Conditions

In the dark place at a temperature of 2-8 ° C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

2 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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