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Instruction for use: Credanil

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Dosage form: tablets

Active substance: Levodopa + Carbidopa*


N04BA02 Levodopa and a decarboxylase inhibitor

Pharmacological groups:

Dopaminomimetics in combination

Antiparkinsonics in combination

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

G20 Parkinson's disease: A trembling paralysis; Idiopathic Parkinsonism; Parkinson's disease; Symptomatic Parkinsonism

G21 Secondary Parkinsonism: Medicinal Parkinsonism; Parkinsonism; Parkinsonism symptomatic; Disorders of extrapyramidal system; Parkinson's Syndrome

G24 Dystonia: Violation of muscle tone

R13 Dysphagia: Aerophagia; Esophagism; Esophagospasm; Dysphagia is esophagic

R25.1 Tremor, unspecified: Tremor; Aging tremor; Tremor; Muscle tremors; Tremor in portal-systemic encephalopathy; Essential family tremor; Titubation

Composition and release form

1 tablet (divisible) contains levodopa 250 mg and carbidopa 25 mg; In the package 20 pcs.

Pharmachologic effect

Mode of action - antiparkinsonian, dopaminergic.

Inhibits dopa-decarboxylase.

Indications of the drug Crenadil 25/250

Parkinson's disease, parkinsonism (muscular rigidity, bradykinesia, tremor, dysphagia et al.).


Closed-angle glaucoma, malignant melanoma (including in anamnesis and with suspicion of it).

Side effects

Unnatural and involuntary movements of the face, tongue, lips, jaw, limbs, body; generalized, choreiform and dystonic movement disorder (with prolonged use), muscle twitching, blepharospasm (overdose), arrhythmia, hypotension, bradycardia, anorexia, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, lethargy, depression or excitation, insomnia, anxiety, euphoria, and others. Mental disorders, violations of the liver, kidneys; Discoloration of urine and other biological fluids; Autoimmune hemolytic anemia.

Dosing and Administration

Inside, the dose is selected individually (especially the elderly and when combined with other drugs). Crenadil 250/25 prescribed to patients requiring treatment for more than 1.5 g of levodopa per day - 1 tablet 3-4 times a day; The daily dose is gradually increased every 1-2 days (taking into account the tolerability of the drug and the need for optimal effect).

Precautionary measures

Precautions should be prescribed in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, mental disorders, open angle glaucoma, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, as a teenager (18 years) age (safety is not established). It is not recommended for extrapyramidal disorders caused by drugs, pregnancy, lactation. During treatment, regular monitoring of liver, kidney, cardiovascular, blood functions is necessary. Reception should be stopped gradually.

Storage conditions of the drug Credanil

In a dry, cool place protected from light.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life of the drug Credanil

5 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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