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Instruction for use: Candiderm

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Active substance Beclomethasone + Clotrimasole + Gentamicin

ATX code D07XC01 Betamethasone in combination with other drugs

Pharmacological group

Glucocorticosteroids in combinations

Nosological classification (ICD-10)

B35.3 Mycosis of the feet

Foot fungus, Dermatophytosis of feet, Interdigital fungal erosion, Mycosis of the feet, Mycosis stop, Mycosis of feet and large folds, Epidermophytia of the feet

B35.6 The inguinal epidermophytosis

Fungal lesions of skin folds, Dermatomycosis of the groin area and smooth skin, Mycosis of the inguinal region, Inguinal dermatophytosis, Inguinal epidermophytosis, Inguinal dermatomycosis, Mycosis of feet and large folds

B36.9 Surface muriculation, unspecified

Fungal diseases of smooth skin, Fungal diseases of the skin, Fungal lesions of smooth skin of the body, Dermatomycosis, Dermatomycosis in large folds of the skin, Dermatomycosis of smooth skin, Dermatomycosis, Dermatomycosis smooth skin, Interdigital fungal erosion, Mycosis of the skin of the body, Mycosis complicated by secondary pyoderma, Chronic fungal infections, Epidermophytia of smooth skin

L30.3 Infectious dermatitis

Microbial skin infections, Dermatitis with concomitant bacterial infections, Dermatitis in the presence of a bacterial infection or suspected of it, Infected eczema of external auditory canal, Secondarily infected dermatosis, Erythema migrans, Secondarily infected dermatoses , Dermatitis re-infected, Infectious dermatitis, Dermatitis infected, Dermatoses complicated by a secondary infection, Dermatoses complicated by primary and secondary infection, Dermatoses complicated by primary and / or secondary infection, Infected eczema, Infected dermatitis, Infected dermatosis, Migrating erythema, Microbial eczema, Chronic migratory erythema, Eczema is infected, Erythema Migrating, Bacterial dermatitis, Erythema migratory chronic, Superinfectant dermatitis, Necrolytic Migrating erythema

L30.9 Dermatitis, unspecified

Allergic dermatoses complicated by a secondary bacterial infection, Anal eczema, Bacterial maturation, Varicose Eczema, Venous dermatitis, Inflammation of the skin, Inflammation of the skin upon contact with plants, Inflammatory Skin Diseases, Inflammatory skin reactions, Inflammatory processes of the skin, Hypostatic dermatitis, Fungal Eczema, Fungal dermatosis, Dermatitis, Dermatitis is stagnant, Dermatitis and eczema in the anal area, Dermatitis acute contact, Perianal dermatitis, Dermatosis, Dermatosis of the scalp, Dermatosis of psoriasis, Dermatosis with persistent itching, Dermatoses, Dermatoses itchy, Other itching dermatoses, Significant eczematous manifestations, Itching with, dermatoses, Itching eczema, True eczema, Skin reaction to insect bites,Skin itching with dermatosis, Constitutional eczema, Weeping eczema, Drowsing inflammatory skin disease, Dying Infectious-Inflammatory Skin Disease, Non-allergic dermatitis, Nummular eczema, Acute contact eczema, Acute inflammatory skin disease, Acute dermatosis, Acute severe dermatosis, Perianal dermatitis, Superficial dermatosis, Subacute Contact Eczema, Simple dermatitis, Occupational dermatitis, Psychogenic dermatosis, Bubble dermatitis of newborns, Pustular eruptions, Irritation and redness of the skin, Low-flammable eczema, Dry atrophic eczema, Dry eczema, Toxic dermatitis, Ear eczema like dermatitis, Chronic eczema, Chronic dermatosis, Chronic common dermatosis, Scaly papular dermatosis, Eczema, Eczema anal region, Eczema of the hands, Eczema Contact, Eczema lichenized, Eczema Nummular, Eczema acute, Eczema acute contact, Eczema subacute, Eczematous dermatitis, Eczema-like rashes, Ecome exogenous, Endogenous eczema, Gluteal dermatitis, Restricted itchy dermatitis


Cream for external use 1 g

Active substances:

Clotrimazole 10 mg

Beclomethasone dipropionate 0.25 mg

Gentamicin (in the form of sulfate) 1 mg

Auxiliary substances: propylene glycol; Cetomacrogol; petrolatum; Paraffin liquid; Benzyl alcohol; Methyl parahydroxybenzoate (methylparaben); Propyl parahydroxybenzoate (propylparaben); Butylhydroxytoluene; Sodium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate; Sodium hydrogen phosphate; purified water

Description of dosage form

Cream: homogeneous white.

pharmachologic effect

Pharmacological action - antibacterial, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory local, antifungal local.


Clotrimazole has an antifungal effect due to a disruption in the synthesis of ergosterol, which is an integral part of the cell membrane of fungi. It is active against Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton floccosum, Microsporum canis, Candida albicans, Malassezia furfur (Pityrosporum orbiculare).

Beclomethasone has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-exudative and antipruritic effect. It inhibits the accumulation of leukocytes, the release of lysosomal enzymes and mediators of inflammation, inhibits phagocytosis, reduces vascular-tissue permeability, prevents the formation of inflammatory edema.

Gentamicin, a broad-spectrum antibiotic from the aminoglycoside group, has a bactericidal effect against Gram-negative bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterobacter aerogenes, Escherichia coli, Proteus vulgaris, Klebsiella pneumoniae; Gram-positive bacteria Streptococcus spp., Staphylococcus aureus.


Studies have not been conducted.


Dermatoses complicated by a secondary infection;

Epidermophytia of the feet;

Dermatomycosis (including with localization in the groin area), caused by susceptible to the drug pathogens.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;


Cutaneous manifestations of syphilis;


Herpes simplex;

Skin reactions after vaccination;

Open wounds;


Lactation period;

Children under 7 years.

Side effects

Burning sensation, hyperemia, erythema, peeling, edema, dryness, maceration and atrophy of the skin; Strias, hypertrichosis, folliculitis, sweating, urticaria, steroid acne, perioral dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, telangiectasia, hypopigmentation, pyoderma, furunculosis.

With long-term use, systemic side effects are possible, incl. Oppression of the adrenal cortex function.


Not found.

Dosing and Administration

Outerly, apply a thin layer on the affected skin 2 times a day (morning and evening). Duration of treatment depends on the effectiveness and tolerability of therapy and is, as a rule, 2-4 weeks (no more).

For children (7-16 years old) the drug is prescribed strictly under the supervision of the doctor, tk. Possibly the development of systemic side effects associated with beclomethasone. When applying the drug on large surfaces and / or under the occlusive dressing, it is possible to suppress the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system and the development of symptoms of hypercorticism, there may be a decrease in the excretion of growth hormone, an increase in ICP.


Perhaps the development of symptoms of hypercorticosis - weight gain, edema, hypertension, glucosuria, hypokalemia.

Treatment: symptomatic therapy, if necessary, correct the electrolyte balance. It is recommended to gradually stop the drug.

special instructions

The drug is not used in ophthalmology. Do not apply to the skin in the eye area.

In order to increase the effectiveness of therapy, it is possible to use occlusive dressings. It should be taken into account that transdermal absorption of beclomethasone and gentamicin increases, which leads to an increased risk of systemic side effects.

When developing a stable bacterial or fungal microflora, discontinue use of the drug and prescribe appropriate therapy.

It is possible to develop cross-resistance with aminoglycoside antibiotics.

Form of issue

Cream for external use. In an aluminum tube with a lid having a puncturing point, 15 or 30 g. Each tube is in a cardboard bundle.

Conditions of leave from pharmacies

Without recipe.

storage Conditions

In the dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 C (do not freeze).

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

3 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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