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Instruction for use: Allylestrenol (Allyloestrenolum)

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Pharmacological group

Estrogens, gestagens; Their homologues and antagonists

N96 Habitual miscarriage

Miscarriage habitual, Habitual abortion, Habitual miscarriage

O20.0 Threatened abortion

Abortion threatening, threatening miscarriage, Spastic conditions with the risk of abortion, Threatened miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy, The threat of miscarriage, threatened abortion, The threat of miscarriage, Threatened spontaneous miscarriage

O60 Premature birth

Pregnancy prematurity, The birth premature, Preterm labor pains, Premature contractions prehospital, Immobilization of the uterus before the cesarean section, Immobilization of the uterus, Acute tocolysis, Threatening premature labor, Premature discharge of water, Preventing premature births, The threat of premature birth

Code CAS 432-60-0


Oral gestagen preparation.


Pharmacological action - progestagenic.

Stimulates the secretory phase of cyclic changes in the endometrium and creates conditions for the development of a fertilized egg, reduces contractile activity and sensitivity to oxytocin myometrium. Activates the appearance of mammary glands. Increases fat stores. Promotes the accumulation of liver glycogen and increases the utilization of glucose. Increases the production of adrenal glands aldosterone.

It is well absorbed when ingested, metabolized in the liver, excreted by the kidneys.

Application of Allylestrenol

Habitual and threatening miscarriage, threat of premature birth.


Hypersensitivity, liver function abnormalities, Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Rotor syndrome, thrombophlebitis, thromboembolic complications, cerebral blood flow, dairy and sex gland tumors, toxicosis or herpes, incl. In the anamnesis.

Restrictions for use

Inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, chronic heart failure, decreased tolerance to glucose.

pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy apply for indications. Contraindicated during breastfeeding.

Side effects

Dyspeptic phenomena, headache, fluid retention in the body, galactorrhea, swelling of the mammary glands, thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism, acne, weight gain, cholestatic jaundice, hyperthermia, insomnia or drowsiness, depression.


Inductors of microsomal oxidation reduce efficiency.

Routes of administration



Against the background of diabetes, systematic monitoring of blood glucose levels is required (glucose tolerance is reduced).

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