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Where drug addicts take money

03 Dec 2018

To avoid breaking, the addict must constantly think where to find the money for the next dose. Drugs are expensive - if the addict has already formed a physical dependence, then a day he needs to spend from $ 10 to $ 50 or more. Honest way to not earn such money, the more that a drug addict can not work. There remains only way - criminal. First, they usually steal close relatives-they take out gold jewelry, less valuable clothing, equipment, steal money from their parents.

Where drug addicts take money

They borrow money from friends and acquaintances without giving. When these sources run out, they begin to steal from strangers - they most often get into apartments, they can rob on the street, putting a knife. Girls-addicts often earn prostitution. There is another way to earn money - become a drug dealer.

Naturally, sooner or later a drug addict enters prison, unless, of course, he dies before that.

You can argue that everything depends on education - if parents raised an honest child, then he will not steal. Nevertheless, experience shows that no matter how honest, well-bred, kind a person was, no matter how crystalline his parents were, after getting to know a drug, he would turn into a deceiver and a thief. Under the influence of the drug there is a complete degradation of the personality.

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