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Western athletes make a vacuum massage as a replacement for Meldonium

10 Aug 2016

Reporters noticed the surprise of fans, who found round bruises on the Olympians, in particular the US national team swimmer Michael Phelps.

How do correspondents find tracks on Phelps' body left by glass cups, craze that has swept the Americans a few years ago. Phelps is a fan of alternative medicine, and many of his achievements owes to vacuum massage, this therapy as it is called scientifically.

According to the athletes, vacuum massage improves blood circulation, metabolism in the body, and hence the muscles recover faster after exercise. According to the correspondent channel, the effect of the cups "is similar to the action of Meldonium (Mildronate), due to which dozens of Russian athletes lost won awards and were disqualified."

According to the chief doctor of oriental medicine center, after the cups "is removed fatigue, a person amplify his internal resources, it starts to feel a lot more cheerful." Medic calls it "natural toning procedure."

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