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Total Recall

18 Dec 2016

I am going to summer to go to university, but I doubt myself: I have not a good memory, bad at remembering dates and numbers. Prompt, what tablets that you can buy without a prescription, at least temporarily help improve memory.

IF you are basically healthy and just want to "memorize better" pills are unlikely to be a good tool, - So far there are no serious studies proving that any OTC drug improves memory of a healthy person. Of course, one could argue that there is a subjective assessment: "I began to remember better what still needs confirmation?" But doctors in this case we speak of self-hypnosis - a man sometimes tend to feel that it would be desirable .

Moreover, the drug is in principle not able to dramatically improve memory. Even after passing a course of treatment, you will not notice any changes. In other words, if you previously hard to memorize phone numbers, this process will be given to you with the same difficulty. The results will be visible only under a special pilot study.
Moreover, all people differ in the parameters memory, as well as, for example, for growth. Someone nature has endowed more someone - less. The drugs are designed to only carry the memory status to normal. And if a friend is easy to remember historical dates (for it is the norm), and you is not given by nature, do not try to jump over your head, achieving the same with the help of pills.
If "normal" memory suddenly decreased due to stress or depression, you should not consider it a manifestation of the disease. Bring memory to normal, usual status helps these OTC drugs as Semax, Cogitum, benfogamma, Sermion, glycine, and various supplements. Conventionally, they can be called adaptogens. They allow the body to quickly adapt to environmental conditions, and therefore affect the memory improvement only indirectly: in the adaptation of the human brain expends less energy thus released additional capacity for learning and reproducing information.
As for the "People's" and loved by schoolchildren and students "promoter" of the brain - chocolate in it, as well as in nuts and seeds, contains tryptophan - a relative of "happiness hormone" serotonin. But the memory of chocolate also improves. It only acts as an antidepressant and helps positively perceive the world, to adapt to it, that is, again, to spend on "grinding" to the environment less effort. It has the same properties, and other products, "improving" the memory.
But if the desire to remember everything, and a little blood never leaves you, sign up for special psychological training or courses. Harm to health is not a reason, and if the result is, you will notice it.

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