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The material basis of memory

27 Oct 2016

Neuroscientist t Dr. Doping talks about memory molecules, material traces of memories and the mechanism of the learning process.How is long-term memory? What is the task of neurophysiology in the XXI century? What are the different hypothesis on the material bases of memory today? Is it possible to control the memory?

There are several reasonable hypotheses saying that every time the memory is generated. When we hear music and reproduce it from memory, every time we generate it. This memory is based on a very complex process, understand that - one of the problems of modern neurophysiology.

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Similarly, it was found that our memory is dependent on proteins. If we will teach something to the animal, human and block the synthesis of proteins, and check it turns out that he does not remember anything after two or three days. The new proteins must be synthesized to have been formed and the memory is preserved, that is, it depends on the protein synthesis. The problem is that while protein life - days, at most a week, only a few proteins live a little longer. 98% of all proteins in 3-4 days decomposed and replaced by new ones, there is a constant synthesis. That is, if somewhere deposited memory in the form of molecules coding, they all fall apart in a few days. And as we know, our memory is stored for years and decades. This contradiction is even served as the basis for a certain pessimism.

In 2006, there have been several articles about the molecule, which can in some approximation called memory molecule. This protein molecule in the nervous system in the most critical areas - in contact (called synapses) between nerve cells. Nerve cells receive and transmit information, the transmission of information within the nervous cells occurs electrically, and neighbors - chemical. At the point of contact where the electrical energy is converted into chemical, there is a system, which is at the head of the regulatory molecule that controls the transport, receptors, membrane, that is controlled by another protein. It turned out that if this system to destroy, block, there is nothing in its activity does not, in anything other than the memory, this system is not involved.

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