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Succinic Acid - for alcoholics, sportsmen and Nootrop-addict

23 Dec 2016

Most recently was the subject of such a preparation as a emoxypine or more well-known brand name - Mexidol where we discussed that Mexidol can be called an enhanced version of succinic acid. But the manufacture of the acid was not there, and this is now to rectify the situation.

succinic acid for fat burn

Succinic acid - a substance that is not difficult to guess, is present in amber, as well as in certain plants. Speaking of succinic acid as an additive to food, must be disassembled term "Krebs cycle" or "cycle trakar-slick acids." The process difficult, especially for a man far removed from biology, so we will simplify it, to make it clear to all.

Krebs cycle
So, let's say you drank tea with sugar. This action triggers many processes in the body, such as insulin production, effect on ghrelin - the hormone of hunger, faster digestion and more. Let us examine one of the features - the Krebs cycle.

Succinic Acid, Mexidol, nootropic

The sugar in the digestive tract breaks down into simple carbohydrates, mainly glucose. Glucose is absorbed in the blood and further penetrate into the cells. In the cytoplasm, ie inside the cells, one glucose molecule is cleaved into two molecules of pyruvate, this is called glycolysis. Then it becomes pyruvate acetyl-CoA and enters the mitochondria of cells where energy is created - This is the "Krebs Cycle"! Our body is like an experienced gangster shakes Acetyl-CoA, pumping as much energy as possible, using a variety of reactions, including succinyl-CoA synthetase, and when there is Succinic acid to another and in such a way to give energy. Then, when energy quite there, the body releases the Acetyl-CoA, the truth "without energy".

In general, the Krebs cycle - is when different reactions take energy from glucose derivative, and one of the reactions produces succinic acid. This whole process is called cellular respiration. Now you are the catch! Consuming succinic acid "from outside," we avoid very huge process, consider the energy injected directly into the mitochondria.

Therefore, if 1 gram of succinic acid and 1 gram of glucose, exhaust energy from succinic acid is in the tens to hundreds of times higher. Glucose - it's like the good old 80-th gasoline, succinic acid - a super fancy high-octane gasoline.

How does Succinic acid act?

This item will be shorter than usual, because we now have an idea of the Krebs cycle. When succinic acid is incorporated in the Krebs cycle, there is an amplification of cellular respiration, improve metabolism, energy is released. These actions can be said to have the effects of these instructions: "has antioxidant, cytoprotective, antitoxic action."

There are a couple of points in its work, demanding an explanation: "It is also to the utilization of lactic acid, ethanol, glucose; normalizes the acid-alkaline balance; It has immunomodulatory effects. "

succinic acid, Mexidol

- Lactic acid - a faithful companion to any workout. That feeling when muscles "burning fire" to the blackout. Since the action of lactic acid is shown in the muscles.

- Ethanol - alcohol, ethyl alcohol.

- Glucose - the main source of energy. This is perhaps the most useful feature for neuroprotective purposes, to "think better".

Thus, in addition to cellular respiration and energy, succinic acid accelerates the degradation of alcohol, glucose, and lactic acid. Alcoholics, sportsmen and nootropic-addict check out! If quite simple - you will quickly get drunk / sober up + drop intoxication harmful products of alcohol decomposition in sporting activities - less feeling acidification, short recovery times between burning muscle, brain and overall energy - enhanced glucose utilization, more ATP per unit time.

The course of Succinic Acid
At the beginning of the item, according to tradition, a little bit of negativity in the form of side effects and contraindications. This substance is an acid, and then - it is not necessary to lean people with all sorts of plagues - the main contraindication. Perhaps a slight increase in pressure.
The exact duration of the course has not been established - usually up to 2 months, the dosage to 300 mg per day. Although at single reception when forces are sorely lacking or after dosage alcohol intoxication reach 1000 mg per day divided into multiple doses.

To prevent, if you just want something to take, 200 mg per day of Succinic acid and 1 month duration of the course - optimally.

What is in the West?
Succinic acid does not recognize it, but the similarity of action of succinic acid can be mentioned in ubiquinone or coenzyme q10. This additive already has a lot of jewels, although the action is about the same level as a succinic acid, as it precedes the ubiquinone.

Effects of Succinic Acid

When engaged in intellectual or physical labor, the main effect - increasing power, but without stimulation. Acceleration of metabolic processes in cells.

The additive is useful in conjunction with dieting. It is foolish to say if succinic acid reduces fat, they say "Eat sweets with succinic acid - will lose weight!". Losing weight - it is, in any case, regular moderate shortfall in calories from food. A succinic acid, as previously mentioned, increases glucose utilization. Glucose is rapidly absorbed. So, if you take a supplement, together with a small meal, the feeling of fullness and energy will come faster. And if we add 50-100 mg of succinic acid after the last meal - Glucose be acquired more quickly and go to bed with a lower risk of getting fat at night. Serious research on this topic is not.

What combine with Succinic acid?
The addition is perfect for a variety of substances: stimulants to increase energy, sedatives - for quiet performance. Nootropics usual - as a complex supplement. If you do not keep to any diet is appropriate to take a small amount of carbohydrates, together with the succinic acid and the expression "have no power" easily forget.
Separately, about the notorious Meldonium for sale, it also improves glucose metabolism and in theory, combine with succinic acid.
Krebs cycle is also necessary vitamins.

Bottom line:
- Succinic acid is an interesting addition and a decent analogue western coenzyme q10.
- Succinic acid works in the Krebs cycle, provides cellular respiration creates energy.
- Succinic acid is helpful for intoxication during oxygen starvation and to increase strength.
- Take 1-2 months to 300 mg of Succinic acid per day. If the one-time fee - up to one gram.
And finally, another nice plus - price, inexpensive supplement is comparable to glycine. Good luck and see you soon!

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