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Picamilon - happy with the result

03 Dec 2016

Advantages: without prescription, restores sleep really helps establishes a dream, stop frequent urination, a surge of strength and energy, relieves headaches, increases efficiency, improves memory, low price

Disadvantages: possible allergic reactions, there are contraindications, only on prescription

I have problems with the retina, wearing contact lenses, have a history of high myopia, astigmatism. To support the vision optometrist appointed "Picamilon".

Results of "Picamilon" appeared on the third day. My eyes stopped hurting, I could work for a long time at the computer without pain and feeling of sand in the eyes.

Picamilon is nootropic drugs and expands vessels of the brain, I began to sleep well, enough sleep during the night. I have not side effects.

the drug is prescribed, even small children with enuresis. Students drink "Picamilon" tablets during heavy training loads to increase efficiency. Adults take "Picamilon" in glaucoma, migraine, traumatic brain injuries.

I happy with the result. I treated the eye, and has established a dream. Soft, smooth, without side effects.

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