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Phenylpiracetam reviews: fast and furious

16 Jul 2018

A drug called Phenylpiracetam is indicated for use in people with coma (sometimes - precoma), with memory loss, violations (both chronic and acute) of the cerebral circulation. Helps in the treatment of depression and alimentary obesity, with alleviation of the way out of the alcoholic crisis and in the treatment of chronic alcoholism.

phenylpiracetam reviews

In all these cases, a qualitative and effective drug Phenylpiracetam can help (reviews) about which are received from both doctors and their patients. Quick drug help is guaranteed and people absolutely healthy, in need of any moment of life or in an extreme situation in the mobilization of all their physical and mental resources.

The only exception that applies to all similar Phenylpiracetam analogues is the ban on its use during sports competitions, as the drugs of this group are banned by the Anti-Doping Committee. In all other cases - during the student session or before the conference, for better concentration and activation of memory - the medicine can be used in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of doctors.

The action of Phenylpiracetam (the Latin name "Phenotropil") is based on the increase in the brain tissues of the level of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and the synthesis of ribonucleic acid (RNA). In addition, the drug has an effect on glycolytic processes, stimulates the absorption and cleavage of glucose, preventing its transformation into fats. As a result, as shown by the drug Phenylpiracetam reviews from doctors and specialists studying it, this pharmacological agent has an antiamnestic effect, allows the brain to "concentrate" and quickly consolidate memory by integrating information in a timely fashion. The drug increases the concentration of attention, stimulates mental activity and greatly facilitates the processes of adaptation and learning.

The main advantage of the drug lies not only in its effectiveness and functionality, but in that it has virtually no effect on the cardiovascular and urinary systems or respiratory organs. Many doctors who receive the drug Phenylpiracetam reviews, note its positive impact on patients suffering from anxiety and mood swings. In addition, this medicine can be used to treat diseases of the central nervous system, metabolic disorders in the brain and reduce motor activity.

Assign and accept a pharmacological agent Phenylpiracetam reviews that interested people can get in any pharmacy must be appointed by specialists and carefully monitored by them. The fact that the drug has certain contraindications, when it is used, there may be a problem with individual intolerance, so it can be used with caution in patients with severe kidney and liver lesions, with arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis. Under the supervision of doctors should be treated with a drug of people with psychomotor agitation, with a heightened sense of anxiety, delirium, panic and hallucinations. In no case should you use the medicine for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as for young children, since clinical studies in this area have not yet been conducted.

The drug should be taken in accordance with the appointment of a doctor - an average of 250 mg per day, immediately after meals. The course of treatment is 30 days, but can be repeated after the same interval.

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