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Phenotropil my helper

28 Sep 2016

I am the head of a major international company. I have started to use Phenotropil after the case of very serious mental load. There was a sluggishness in decision-making, and when need instant response to any kind of change, in my case unacceptable delay. Therefore I started to look for drugs that can improve my brain. I found a few options, but Phenotropil arranged in all respects.

After eating it I became calm, decision-making no longer causes any problems during storage of information dropped by almost half, while brainstorming solutions come to mind themselves. There were no side effects, just got a little less sleep, but I do not think this is a side effect, the brain simply is no need for so long rest. I dream about 6 hours. Burnt virtually none during the day, I fall asleep quickly, wake up refreshed.

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