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Phenotropil is not high and no euphoria? There is a solution!

11 Sep 2018

If you clicked here, then at least heard about Phenotropil, but rather even tried it! By the way, other names of Phenotropil are Carphedon and Phenylpyracetam. I will say at once, for a long time this carphedon was for me in the top of my favorite nootropics and I did not understand why so many people write that they do not feel it at all. Until he did not come to this .. After a few years of admission, it can take place once every 2 weeks. And then he began to gather the pieces in small pieces. It looked like this, that almost every day a few months passed through the western and our forums, by research and wrote out some notes, then tested himself and close friends of the scheme for several days.

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How to reduce tolerance to phenylpyricetam
- Break
Option, which he spoke about in several issues. The meaning is in the recoil of the nervous system to about the starting parameters. For a month, refuse any chemistry, booze, cigarettes, porn (Who loves that). A month later, a little add your favorite thing and you're a lot more from them, including from nootropics.

- Add Potassium, Choline, L-Carnitine
These substances will slightly increase the sensitivity to Carphedon. Especially if there was any deficit. If you want to look for additives, then eat extra 2-3 eggs a day, 2-3 bananas and beef or seafood.

- Mexidol and Vitamins
Mexidol has a bunch of analogues, so it's not important to take it exactly. This is a very good scheme in principle for the recovery of the central nervous system, if you or your friends addicted / thumped and otherwise killed your brain, then at least 2-3 weeks of taking these substances have a positive effect on the brain.

- Memantine
The substance reduces the activity of NMDA receptors of glutamate. On the feedback mechanism, after a mini-course in a few days, the sensitivity of glutamate and dopamine increases, which means stimulants work better.

On whom does Phenylpiracetam work best?

An interesting study that partly answers this question.

Scientists divided mice into 2 groups: with congenital low and high research activity. That is very and not very curious mouse. The first immediately exploring the new terrain, the latter are cautious. All 5 days were administered either phenotropil or placebo.

It turned out that initially the active and passive brain differed in the number of receptors. Active had more NMDA and less Acetylcholine. And almost in 1,5 times.

After the course, in groups with phenylpyricetam the passive norm was pulled to active. The active special changes were not. Changes have occurred in research behavior. Passive began to show average results for active.

If it works on animals that way, it can and for people will be similar. Therefore, a logical summary: Phenylpyracetam works best for people with low motivation or activity. DMAA by the way, on the contrary, it is better for who works better.

How to Take Carphedon

So, after numerous tests on yourself and friends, in search of an ideal scheme, here's the best option for you: To an empty stomach, 2-3-200 hours before a meal, 100-200 mg of the substance! In these 2-3 hours a maximum - tea with cookies, but certainly no complete meals. After 3-5 hours after taking phenylpyricetam, add 100-200 mg of caffeine. This is the most powerful scheme of all.

There was another option to "snort Phenylpiracetam", it works, but who knows what people would think)

Bottom line:

- Phenylpyricetam works in many ways and in different ways for each person

- In general, the effect of stimulation is more pronounced in low-motivated people, if you are so extrovert, you are always prey and a bunch of ideas - there will be no special improvements

- If phenylpyrazetam used to work, but now do not, then take a break from everything, drink vitamins and adjust nutrition. Of the substances can help: Mexidol, Potassium, L-Carnitine, Memantine.

- Carphedon is best taken on an empty stomach a few hours before meals, and then add caffeine.

- Fenotropil now removed from production

Well, the work was done great and at last some exemplary answers were found on the scheme for reducing addiction and correct reception of phenylpyracetam. If you had your observations on this matter - write in the comments.

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