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Obscene Language

08 Dec 2016

Philologist Dr. Doping tells about the introduction of censorship, low culture and language proficiency. How social is held distinction between censorship and obscene? What is the impact on the formation of obscene language high culture? And what place is obscene vocabulary in literary works?

There is some instance which determines what is decent and what is indecent that censorship, and that foul language. So there is a kind of a censor in the community of native speakers. Someone who determines that it's impossible to say. And that someone could be the state, but we know that obscene language existed long before the appearance of the state.

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We live in a world that gives us plenty of reasons for statements, and among them there are some that we try not to say, because it is too high. We are afraid of, as they say, it would be too pathetic, we do not like it when someone says something too sublime, too beautiful, because it is somehow improper. It's just unseemly, how to speak the language of the low-lying. But there are moments of crisis or celebration of some ideology, when suddenly everything's starting to use these wonderful words.

Obscene speech describes reality as presented in the form of hard, sometimes violent sexual intercourse. This lexicon concerns a very important part of human existence, it is human. It may not sound very well, but it describes the human life.

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