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Nootropic Drug Cortexin - immediately helped

17 Jan 2017

Advantages: immediately helped

Disadvantages: relatively high price, painful

Cortexin is used as a nootropic drug. Cortexin prescribed to children and adults. When my daughter was 10 years old, Cortexin appointed a neurologist as a child there were complaints of a headache. The doctor immediately warned that the price for this product is quite high, but constant headache - just indications for “Cortexin”. It is a 10 ml vial with the powder inside.

Instructions states that the contents of both vials can be diluted in water for injection and saline and 0.5% solution of procaine (novocaine). We stopped at the Analgesic, as a painful injection. And you can take a smaller syringe, insulin. Headache was held immediately and will not be returned. “Cortexin” neurologist no longer assigns.

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