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Mildronate - Physicians have found a way to withstand high loads

27 Aug 2018

At present, stress and stress-provoking conditions, in particular increased mental and physical stress, are recognized as independent risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (CVD), which today are the leading cause of death worldwide (more than 30% annually). Our country is not an exception. Various manifestations of cardiovascular diseases are the main reason for patients to go to outpatient clinics in Russia.

Medonium Mildronate. Cardionate

"Every day we are faced with a colossal army of patients who need help in maintaining the cardiovascular system in good condition", - shares practical experience. Department of Therapy, Clinical Pharmacology and Emergency Medical Care of the Moscow State Medical-Stomatological University, MD, Professor A.L. Vertkin.

According to experts, metabolic drugs containing meldonium can help people cope with increased mental and physical stress, and also resist the risk of CVD.

One of the most noticeable preparations of this group is Mildronate (meldonium). It provides protection and energy supply for various cells of the cardiovascular system.

In conditions of increased load, mills are optimizing energy metabolism, eliminating the accumulation of toxic metabolic products in cells, protecting them from damage; has also a tonic effect. As a result of its application, the body's resistance to stresses increases and the ability to quickly restore energy reserves.

The drug has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system - increases physical activity and physical endurance. Due to these properties, Mildronate is also used to enhance physical and mental performance. He helps patients to recover, and healthy - do not get sick. Athletes with his help cope with great physical, and students, office employees, managers - with mental stress, which generally reduces the risk of CVD.

Currently, the preparation Mildronate capsules 250 mg is supplied to the Russian market in a new package, which is associated with the receipt of this form of the drug over-the-counter status. To restore reduced performance at mental and physical overloads Mildronate should take 2 capsules 250 mg per day in the morning. Duration of admission - 10-14 days, if necessary, treatment can be repeated after 2-3 weeks. In the package - 40 capsules of 250 mg, which allows for a full course of therapy.

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