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03 Nov 2016

Metandrostenolon (slang name: Metane, Metan) is an anabolic steroid applied inside initially synthesized by doctor John Ziegler and issued in the USA in the early sixties of the last century by the Ciba company. Initially metandrostenolon was used for acceleration of recovery and treatment of burns and even for increase in a general tone for women, and soon was widely adopted in bodybuilding as means for increase in muscle bulk until it wasn't forbidden by FDA. Nevertheless Danabol is available without instruction in such countries as Mexico (the trade name Reforvit-b), in many Asian countries and in countries of Eastern Europe so far (Moldova - Balkan Pharmaceuticals; Romania - Terapia;). In Russia Metandrostenolon is on sale as Nerobol.

Metandrostenolon, Metane, Metan

It is known also under names: Dianabol, Danabol, Nerobol, Naposim, DBOL, Metandiyenon in bodybuilding is widespread the slang name "Methane". Less widespread trademarks: Anabolin, Bionabol, Degidrometiltestosteron, Metastenol, Novabol, Perabol, Perbolin, Pronabol (pronabol), Stenolon, Anaboral, Vanabol of "Dianoget" and many others) Appeared an injection form of Dianoget methane from Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals (Hong Kong). Today there is a large number of the discrediting information on Danabola. Authors exaggerate toxic properties and underestimate anabolic activity. Nevertheless practice shows that the rate of a metandrostenolon lasting about 6 weeks in a dose of 30 mg a day can increase muscle bulk by 8-10 kg, with the subsequent loss of 2-5 kg (a so-called phenomenon of kickback). The phenomenon of kickback can be minimized if the rate is constituted correctly.

Metandrostenolon, Metane, MetanNerobol


Liquid (injection) "methane"

Liquid metandrostenolon (synonyms: Averbol, Reforvit B, Methastenon, Methanoliq, Metabol-25, and available now Pharmabol 100 from Pharmacom Labs, Methanabol from British Dragon, Methandienone from Radjay and Dianoged from Golden Dragon) is issued in the form of suspension or oil solution. The alkiln radical in the 17th situation, however according to Dan Duchaine also has connection, Dave Palumbo and other famous athletes due to lack of effect of primary passing can have higher bioavailability and have smaller toxic effect on a liver though confirmations of it are absent. Many claim that as well as in a case with an injection form of a vinstrol toxicity remains. Some equate him to a boldenon, however it is a mistake. One of the Best drug is Cogitum.

Injection metandrostenolon was popular in the second half of the last century as cheaper form which isn't demanding the equipment for production of tablets. Now gains popularity again, being sometimes positioned as means of "new generation", however cost is unfairly overstated.

Liquid metandrostenolon is possible to apply inside, has disgusting taste.

Steroid profile

  • Anabolic activity - 200% of testosterone
  • Androgenic activity - 50% of testosterone
  • Aromatization (conversion in estrogen) - yes (low)
  • Toxicity for a liver - moderate
  • Way of reception - orally, injections
  • Action duration - 6-8 hours
  • Detection time - up to 3 months

Metandrostenolon's effects

  • The main effect of metandrostenolon is shown in fast increase in muscle bulk, due to activation of synthesis of a protein, glycogenesis.
  • In passing power indicators increase
  • Appetite amplifies
  • Fat is slightly burned
  • The bone system becomes stronger
  • Metandrostenolon has rather weak androgenic action (50% in comparison with testosterone), nevertheless it takes place to be in vivo.
  • In researches it has been shown, side effects begin to be shown in most cases at excess of a dose of Danabol more than 30 mg a day

Research of effects of prolonged use of metandiyenon

The scientific article of R. J. Shephard

Dianabol effect

Data the 6th bodybuilding athletes are studied. All accepted metandrostenolon (Dianabolum) independently. One of athletes used drug continuously within several years, others 5 accepted it within 7-10 months courses from 3 weeks to 3 months with breaks, peer on time, to avoid side effects. A large number of a protein, training to 6 times a week 2-3 hours was in addition used.

Indicators of a blood, function of a liver and endocrine system, including the level of Testosteron-Depotum, LG, FSG and other laboratory indicators were estimated.

Dianabol effect 2

Results of clinical analyses of each athlete accepting metandiyenon:

  • None of athletes noted disturbances of sex function.
  • Indicators of a blood were normal, at one athlete a hemoglobin and a hematocrit was raised.
  • From a liver the addicting of nuclear heating plant and an alkaline phosphatase at 2 examinees was observed.
  • 4 of 6 examinees who still were on a reception course had a level of Testosteron-Depotum below norm.
  • LG was considerably lowered at 4 and rather low at 2.
  • FSG is slightly lowered at 3, but significantly raised at 1.
  • Hormone of a thyroid gland a thyroxine is normal.
  • At the athlete with the greatest experience of reception of Dianabolum (several years) a cholesterin, triglycerides and uric acid was raised.

Side effects of methandrostenolone


Gynecomastia results from conversion of a part of methandrostenolone in estrogens - Methyloestradiolum which has for 30% a larger affinity to estrogen receptors. Aromatasia inhibitors are applied to prevention of development of this side effect. These drugs in most cases allow to avoid development of gynecomastia.

Toxicity for a liver

In a type of the fact that the methandrostenolone has metilny group in 17α situation this drug has moderate toxic effect on a liver. The Metilny group interferes with destruction of Danabolum in a liver, and gives the chance to use drug orally (inside). It also reduces linkng of Danabolum with the globulin binding sex hormones. Bile-expelling drugs, such as Flamin, Tykveol are used.

Note. Methane, as well as any other oral steroid drug, at long reception can provoke a thickening of membranes of hepatic cells, and also deterioration in conduction of biliary tract that can result in stagnation of bile and pain in the right side. Traditionally advise at the methane use in parallel to drink karsil drugs, Essentiale, liv-52, Allocholum or an ovesol to avoid stagnation of bile and "to clean" a liver. These drugs actually not only don't help a liver during a course, but also harm it. Bile-expelling drugs are divided into 2 groups: one strengthen production of bile choleretics (Allocholum, Cholenzymum), others - holekinetik, promote its outflow from a gall bladder in an intestine (Cholosasum). Therefore if to accept the drugs promoting bilification you only aggravate a situation. Therefore on a course from bile-expelling it is possible to apply only Cholosasum! And gepatoprotektor (karsit, Essentiale, etc.) have membrane stimul effect on liver cells, it in turn leads to a thickening of hepatic wall and stagnation of bile, it is difficult for them to diffuse through a thick membrane. So it is more reasonable to accept gepatoprotektor after a course and in this case it is better to stop the choice on Geptrala and Gepa-mertsa (ademetionin).

Liquid delay

One more quite widespread side effect of amethandrostenolone which is bound to estrogens. At the same time, the delay of liquid occurs mainly in muscles that makes an impression of larger volume of musculation. After the termination of a course of methandrostenolone excess liquid is removed and weight is lost for 10-50% of gathered. It isn't observed when using inhibitors of aromatasia.

Other side effects of methandrostenolone

  • Rising of arterial pressure. The problem can be solved if to use aromatasia inhibitors during a course.
  • Rising of sex activity during a course and temporary depression after a course.
  • The atrophy of testicles arises at long courses with use of high doses of Danabolum.
  • Acne during a course
  • Heartburn, sensation of discomfort or feelings of the fever, burning sensation behind a breast bone extending up from epigastric (subspoon) area on the esophagus course. Emergence of heartburn happens periodically
  • Alopecia (loss of hair)
  • Methandrostenolone causes masculanization for women.
  • In case of abuse or genetic predisposition development of a hypertrophy of a myocardium is possible.
  • Hypocoagulative state with predilection to bleedings, syndrome ( leukosis, pain in long tubular bones), an iron deficiency anemia.
  • Advance of an atherosclerosis (augmentation of concentration of LPNP and depression of concentration of LPVP), peripheric edemas.

Course of metandrostenolon

This course of metandrostenolon suits men 21 years for increase in muscle bulk, in the absence of contraindications are more senior (the increased arterial pressure, heart diseases, a hypertrophy of a prostate gland, a disease of a liver and some other).

  • It is recommended not to exceed a daily dose more than 30 mg. Is accepted in 2-3 receptions (for example 20 mg in the morning, 10 after a lunch). Methane (methandienone) is toxic for a liver, and it is the best of all to make reception of medicine after food.
  • The course of metandrostenolon begins with 10 mg, in 2-3 days the dose gradually increases to 20-30 mg a day (to estimate shipping). Duration makes usually 6 weeks.
  • In a week it is desirable to connect aromatasia inhibitors. For example, Anastrosol on 0,5 mg in 3 days. It will reduce conversion level in estrogen and that the most important will eliminate a congestion of liquid and puffiness.
  • In 2-3 days after a course PCT is carried out: tamoxifen, in a dose of 20 mg, 2-4 weeks. For the last week the dosage is gradually reduced to full cancellation.
  • It is necessary to watch arterial pressure. In case of increase it is necessary to lower a dose, or to begin reception of hypotensive means (Enalapril on 5 mg)
  • After a course it is possible to use the testosteron booster for 3-4 weeks, for faster restoration of secretion of testosterone in an organism and prevention of a phenomenon of kickback.
  • Don't forget that reception of anabolic steroids has to be coordinated with the doctor as contraindications are possible.
  • For obtaining the maximum effect and decrease in loss of muscle bulk after a course it is recommended to apply sports food to a set of muscle bulk and to keep to a diet for a set of muscle bulk.

Also nonconventional schemes of reception of methane meet: method, interval method, etc., etc. Each of these options has tasks. This method, for example, in the theory has to ensure functioning of medicine without any negative impact on production of endogenous testosterone that in practice doesn't give similar effect, and decrease in level of Tesstosteron all the same takes place. The interval method is intended not to cause in an accustoming organism to active ingredient and to weaken "pressure" upon a liver. In practice most often these methods don't work for a number of reasons therefore you shouldn't recommend them. Methane isn't suitable for intercourse bridges.

Combined metandrostenolon's rates

Considering quite high frequency of side effects of metandrostenolon and narrow width of positive effects, many authors recommend to use this medicine in combination with other anabolic steroids. At the same time the daily dose of Metandrostenolon can fluctuate from 10 to 30 mg. The combination allows to increase efficiency of a rate, together with it to reduce the frequency of side effects, in a type of various pharm dinamics medicines.

For increase in muscle bulk metandrostenolon shall be combined as follows:

  • M + Testosterone
  • M + Sustanon or Omnadren
  • M + Primobolan
  • M + Trenbolone + testosterone
  • M + Nandrolon + testosterone

The last two schemes are often applied by security officers. In the combined rates metandrostenolon quite often put only for the first 4 weeks.

Metandrostenolon's application without addition in a rate at least of therapeutic dosages of medicines of Testosterone isn't recommended. Remember that each combination assumes strictly certain doses of both medicines and the special mode of acceptance. You will be able to find the safest rates of anabolic steroids in article: The best rates of steroids.

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